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michael garrison

The Difference Between "Climate Change" and "Global Warming"

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Yes, there IS a difference between these two.  Global Warming is an absolute lie....but Climate Change is an absolute TRUTH.

Funny how "they" cry wolf about the lie of global warming, yet say nothing about how Fukushima has killed the Pacific Ocean with radiation.  Global Warming will NEVER take place in our lifetimes, and even if it did happen, who do we blame....the factories who actually caused this pollution, or the people who drive the cars created by this factory?  This is a bogus question, since it is a lie to begin with.  Why debate a "non-issue"?  Climate Change......on the other hand...is very real......

Climate Change is "code word" for the "awakening of the masses" to the B.S of the "asses".  I don't care WHO your State representative is, he/she is an "elite ass".  And these asses are seeing the awakening of the peoples, and this has them very, very bothered.  How can you control a robot once that robot has awakened ??  YOU CAN'T!!!!  And without robots, these politicians have NOTHING.

Obama gave a tearful speech on T.V. concerning gun control.  True gun control involves holding your hands tight around the weapon, and holding it firmly as you fire off round after round, AND HITTING YOUR TARGET.  Obama has made innocent Americans the target of the agenda to disarm all Americans, and he used Sandy Hook as a justification for this disarming......problem is, Sandy Hook was proven to be a lie....a false flag.  Even on FBI records there are NO deaths reported from this "massacre".  Obama's OWN people admitted that it was just a drill, and that NOBODY died (thank God).  These same people (Obama's people) admitted that Sandy Hook was designed to take away the guns of the American people.

The Church of Satan (no, not the one in Rome) is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.  There IS one "branch" of this church on the east coast, though, and guess where it's located?  That's right.....Newtown, Conn (or is it Con?) the location of the school known as Sandy Hook.  Another funny thing....this school was closed YEARS before the "massacre".  And all of the people and kids involved in this farce were members and family of the local Masonic Lodge.

Why do I bring up the Sandy Hook lie......it's because exposing the truth about this lie, and exposing the truth's about ALL of the other lies that our Masonic/Zionist controlled Politicians tell, is what leads to Climate Change.  And folks, Climate Change is more deadly (to our Politicians) than Global Warming (which will NEVER happen). 


AS always, may Father Bless you all.

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Great post MG! Love it. But also with the "Climate Change" thing is who can really deni it. Seasons change and the temp changes every year, just a little fluctuation all the time which is normal. Once they changed the term from global warming to climate change a lot of people noticed the slight change in the wording and some of those people woke up and saw the BS cloud, others well let's say I don't think they will ever wake up until something serious happens to them personally. But the media is just as guilty as the government is for pushing the lies and then ridiculing anyone who disagrees even after the facts are presented. Take my mom for example on the SandyCrook thing. She was crying for the kids after it happened but after all the info came out and all the documentaries and everything else I showed her the info in a way she could understand and all she kept saying is "but why would the news lie to us" then I showed her even more examples and then she still didn't believe it. Even showed her the super bowl where the kids were singing and compared the pics of the kids and she still wouldn't see it. Some Americans don't want to believe the independent media just because their not on their local TV channels and because of the msm lying and covering up everything. Plus I've seen it time and time again when the media is interviewing someone and that person says something that goes against the agenda they get cut off quickly and they change o another news story. Heck just a few weeks ago ESPN was interviewing a football player, I don't remember who tho, as soon as he thanked God and said that everyone should thank him they cut his satalite feed and said "oops we must have lost him" I mean litterally after he said that statement they cut him off the air. I think it's time to bring them all in on treason charges. 

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