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A Nation of Laws

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Every law that is on the books right now is ultimately enforced at the end of a barrel of a government gun.  If you don't pay your taxes, no matter what kind of taxes, if you are caught and don't comply, eventually after all the paperwork flies, you will be arrested and taken into custody by a person with a gun. 

No matter what law it is, non-compliance can eventually end up with you in jail for contempt and even though most do not resist arrest, the only way they can convince you to go to jail is because they are the one with the gun and willing to use it on you if you do resist. 

Why are people afraid when pulled over by the cops on the highway?  Because they have a gun that they can use on you and most likely get away with it, especially if you fail to "follow orders".  

Rules and regulations are nothing more than laws made up by government agencies. They are just as binding and are an end run around the Constitution and Bill of Rights. After all, government leadership can't be bothered to micro manage the behemoths they've created to rule over us. 

We are warned about every single thing they do and we are warned via The Federal Register. You have an opportunity (public comments) to go up against their proposals. However, there is so much going on all the time, we'd have to have our own teams of lawyers to keep up with what they do every single day. Guess who does have teams of lawyers and who pays for them? Yes, it's the government and you and I pay for them. 

We were told by the founders to be vigilant.  At that time, it was possible to do so. At this time, all we can do is pick our battles because there are so many out there fighting against the average person. 

The other way you are screwed over is by property forfeiture laws. Again, enforced at the end of a barrel of a gun, because if you refuse to give up that property, they'll arrest you and take your property anyway. Ultimately at the end of a barrel of a gun. 

It's a soft dictatorship, a prison that is seldom laid bare for what it really is. 

Due process is something everyone holds dear, however, that process is now corrupted beyond all recognition and serves the state, not the people. 

I believe everything I've written above answers the question of just why the government wants to disarm everyone in this country, except themselves. 



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You are after my own heart!!!!  Great topic!!!!

let there be no doubt about it, there is only ONE set of laws, and those laws apply ONLY to non-members (meaning: non-members of one or more of the secret societies). You have heard of "Diplomatic Immunity" used by our Politicians to "escape" justice for their crimes?  How about the recent "Affluenza Teen" whose dad is a member of the Royal Arch Freemasonry, and this punk little brat was given probation after killing 4 people (beautiful lives) all because his Dad paid off the Judge who, it so happens, goes to the same Lodge as Dad.  "They" say nothing for his murder of four people, yet "they" all "scream" because he misses a visit with his P.O..    Proof of insanity within the SS.

Cops, lawyers, judges, politicians, etc.....they are ALL members of the secret societies, and the laws that pertain to you and I do NOT pertain to them, that's just one reason they are called "free (from the law) masons".

But let me say this: while "they" MIGHT escape justice within our corrupt justice system, there IS a Father Who WILL Judge them......most likely He will judge them to death, which is exactly what they deserve.

Cinnamon.....again, GREAT TOPIC.


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