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michael garrison

Ladies.....Heed This Warning From Your Father In Heaven

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Of ALL of God's creations (which numbers in the millions) you Ladies are the most beautiful creation, EVER!!!  This isn't just me talking smack, it's biblical, it's from the Father Who created your souls.

Did you Ladies know that it was your beauty that brought the fallen angels out of Heaven so that they could seduce you??  What....you want proof?  OK, here it is.


In the Book of Genesis, Chapter 6, beginning in verse 1, you will read the following:

Verse 1, Chapter 6: "And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,"

Verse 2:                    "That the sons of God (the fallen angles, to be precise), saw the daughters of men that they WERE FAIR ( fair means BEAUTIFUL), and they took them wives of all they chose".

(please allow me to put this verse into the true interpretation:  "The fallen angels saw the beauty of woman, and left their habitation in Heaven to come to earth and marry the beautiful women")

If you read a couple of more verses in this chapter of Genesis, you will read about the giants that were produced through this "mingling" of human women and the fallen angels.  But there is even more to this verse than meets the eye.  Notice this phrase "sons of God".  It appears a lot more in The Word of your Father, and it says that ALL of the souls that God created were male.  However, after the rebellion of Satan in that first earth age (if this "first earth age" rattles your cage don't blame me, blame your preacher for not teaching you the Truth) and the creating of THIS present day earth age (this is why you will read in the New Testament about how God is "the God that was, the God that is, and the God that is to come").  Basically, in that first earth age, where Satan deceived one-third of God's people, and God put us into THIS earth age, He took (in my opinion) the strongest souls of His sons, and made them women, causing ALL of us to be born innocent, and without memory, of the first age, thereby giving each of us the "free will" to worship Father....or Satan.

Ladies, you are a male in heaven, you ARE a male in your spiritual body, and while that may sound a little gross in this earth age (especially when your having sex with your husband), please realize this one fact: YOU WERE CHOSEN by Father because of your strength.  YOU WERE CHOSEN to fulfill the "role" of being a female because Father NEEDED you to fulfill this role as a woman, and bring children (all souls) into this world so that they would either worship God or worship Satan.  Ladies, if I could impress upon you the full understanding of this verse....your head would swell with pride and joy!!!!   On the other hand, the fallen angels refused to be born of woman, and they came to earth in those circular vehicles, in order to seduce you.  In other words Ladies.....IT WAS YOUR BEAUTY THAT BROUGHT THESE FALLEN ANGELS OUT OF HEAVEN.  (God gave men the women, and visa versa, to enjoy each other, and having sex with your married partner is NOT a sin. It IS A BLESSING TO ENJOY YOUR SPOUSE.)

Eve, while in the Garden, was "beguiled" by Satan, the serpent.  IN 2nd Peter, I believe it's in Chapter 3, you will see where Peter is telling the people that "I don't want you to be beguiled like Eve was beguiled".  This word "beguiled", in the Greek, means only one thing: "to be totally and wholly seduced".  Ever hear of an apple tree seducing a woman??  Eve did not eat an apple, she got beguiled, then went "home" to Adam, where she showed him what was done to her by Satan, and then Adam did the same thing to Eve, which produced twins, Cain and Able.  Cain was Satans seed ("seed" in the Hebrew means "sperma"), and Able was the son of Adam.  This is why you'll never see Cain listed in the "family tree" of Adam, Cain was NOT of Adams seed.  Able won't be found either simply because Able was dead, killed by Cain

Noah was the seed of Adam, and God flooded Noah's area because of these fallen angels, that had taken over the land.  These fallen angels had one goal, to pollute the blood-line with which The Christ would be born through.  All of the people in this area were killed by drowning in this flood, but Noah and his family were spared because they did NOT participate with the fallen angles.

Now, I can get to my point for this topic.  In Matthew 24, verses 37 and 38, you Ladies are given a warning from the Father who created you, and Who loves you with all of His heart.  These verses give you this warning, Ladies.  (in these verses, Christ is telling us what the end times will be like.  folks, we ARE in the end times)

Matthew 24, verse 37: "But as the days of Noe (Noah) were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be". 

Verse 38: "For as in the days that were, before the flood, they were eating and drinking (mingling), marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark".

(if you read the Hebrew manuscripts you will get a more precise "look" into these words.  please allow me to interpret this verse into words that you will understand: " For as it were in the days of Noah, when the fallen angels came to earth and were seducing the beautiful women and creating an off-spring of giants, so shall it be just before The Christ returns.  These very same fallen angles WILL return with Satan (at the 6th Trump) and will seduce, marry, and impregnate all women that they find to beautiful."

Upon Satan's being kicked out of Heaven by Michael, (at the 6th Trump), there will be 7,000 fallen angels who will accompany Satan as he comes to earth, and ALL of them are looking for the beautiful daughters of man.  This is why you will read in the New Testament about how "it is good for a woman to have long hair"....properly translated, this "long hair" means "the spirit of God (Holy Spirit) around her" because this will keep her safe from the fallen angels.  On the other hand, you will read where "it's a sin for a man to have long hair"....and this simply means that for a man to "need the Holy Spirit" around him to protect him, means that that man is gay...and should NOT need the protection of The Spirit simply because.............I'll leave it right there.


Ladies.....you are the most beautiful creation of Almighty God......no question about it.  You are the nucleus of the family unit, which is why you have been bombarded with lies (from the camp of Satan, himself) to the point where you are no longer the nucleus of God's Families....and you got your wish....you are now just as equal as men (and that's a sad, sad statement).  YOU WERE NOT CREATED TO BE, nor EVER will be, equals with men.....YOUR ROLE AS "Mom", and your role as "wife"...........PUT YOU FAR ABOVE MEN.  But you swallowed the lies that told you that your "being held back" and that "you'll never reach your TRUE potentials" as a house wife................and you swallowed up all of that crap.... and you went from being in the most "Holy" positions (as house wife and Mom) to the most Satanic position....where the "family unit" and the "nucleus of the family" was destroyed, thereby destroying the entire Nation of America (destroying the family unit is critical to destroying an entire  "Nation built on Christianity").  Ladies, your "holiest God given role" as wives and Moms got railroaded by the enemy....and you got seduced just like Eve got seduced in the Garden.

(I am not chastising you Ladies, I am merely hoping that this message wakes up just ONE woman, and that she sees EXACTLY where the female sex has been polluted by the scams of Satan)

For America to be great again, we men need to cherish our wives and daughters.  We need to treat them like "Queens", for they DO deserve it.  Men, you know what I'm talking about when I say that our work day is over at 5 pm (for the most part).  We go home, we grab a beer, we kick back and relax.  Ladies, your work is NEVER done, even if you DO have a job.  After YOU get off work, you go home, just as tired as your spouse, but there's no beer or relaxation for you...is there........after you get off work your "second job" is just beginning.

Don't get me wrong........there's plenty of blame to go around between BOTH sexes. And I am just as guilty as the rest.


Ladies, may your Father Bless you and your families, and your spouses.  You ARE the strongest (and smartest) of the sexes, that's why Father chose YOU to be a woman.  Believe it or not, even Israel had women as their "leaders".  Especially Debra, who was soooo Blessed of Father that NO MAN from Israel would go into a battle UNLESS she were there with them to lead them.  And Ladies, that's exactly what you are......LEADERS.




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Also in this Chapter of Genesis you will read where it made Father sad that he had made mankind, and sad that He had put man into this particular earth age.  You see, as a "family" in Heaven (in that first earth age), we ALL came together and gathered around  the Throne of Father to sing praises of Glory unto Him (Job Chapter two).  But then Father, when putting man on this earth in this earth age (after Satans rebellion), erased the memories of that first earth age so that we would voluntarily worship Him....or voluntarily take the other "path".  IN other words, Father gave us "free will".  And it was this free-will that made Father so sad, to see how man, with free-will, just went along his merry way, and never paid  attention to the very God that created him.

Put yourself in Father's place......how would you like it if your children ignored you (after all you've given them).  Or worse yet, what if your children said that YOU DON'T EXIST.

Father could have destroyed all of the souls that followed Satan in that first earth age right then and there, but He didn't.  He instead chose to give them the benefit of the doubt and put them, and us, into this earth age. Imagine how hard it would be to kill just ONE of YOUR children.....now think of Father having to possibly kill 3 BILLION souls that He created.

Father is Love, and His Words, and His Spirit, prove this fact. And His children also have compassion and love, for they ARE of The Father, and the works of The Father will they do,


Peace and Love to all.

Sing praises of Glory unto Father.  The way the world is today, Father is getting lonely, nobody prays to Him much anymore, so if you want to get His attention, now is the best time to do it.


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