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"Campaign Against Antisemitism(Jews)" Demand BBC Caller Exposing Jewish Supremacy B Identified & Arrested

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"Campaign Against Antisemitism" Demand BBC Caller Exposing Jewish Supremacy Be Identified and Arrested
2015-12-31 0:56

By John Friend | therealistreport.com

Editor's comment: This is an update on the story about the BBC caller who denounced Jewish rule over British society. Now the "Campaign Against Antisemitism" has urged the BBC to hand over details of caller to the police, so he can be identified and arrested.

The caller is correct about some of his assessments. He is however completely cucking out when it comes to the point of Europeans as the guilty oppressors. He goes on about the Indians in America while saying nothing about the tens of millions slaughtered in Russia under Jewish Bolshevism, the Communism's Death Toll or the devastating effect of WWII on Europe. In fact, the caller seems to know nothing about accurate history or be able to put the second world war in context. He seem to believe 100% in the mainstream version of WWII and the holocaust myth. Well, maybe he just didn't getting around to explain his position on these points.

Still, the caller makes a few valid points, a few sharp criticisms of how things are currently being run, but hardly something to be "hunted down" for and arrested ...you would think. He is simply voicing his opinion about the establishment and the power and influence of the Rothschild's. The suggestion that Jews (and in the extension the Israel lobby) hold special influence over the UK can easily be verified.  etc

Telling the truth about Jewish supremacy and power in the West, among other important subjects, is a crime, according to Jews. Making basic, factual observations and criticisms of Jews, Jewish supremacy, and various Jewish-promoted and instigated agendas, such as cultural Marxism, wars in the Middle East, massive non-White immigration to the West, etc., is “evil” and “racist” and “anti-Semitic,” we’re led to believe. What utter nonsense!

If there is one thing the Jews hate the most, it is people standing up and refusing to accept their lies, their programming, and their tyrannical, anti-human agenda. And frankly, we do not have time to cower before the Jews anymore. These people have to be exposed and isolated – the future of our planet depends upon it.


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The presenter, Simon Lederman, who is Jewish, started the exchange – which took place at 5am – by saying that it was a “phone-in amnesty” and that “within obvious limits”, the caller could say “whatever is on your mind”

different source (missing some info) http://www.jewishnews.co.uk/bbc-urged-to-hand-police-details-of-caller-denouncing-jews-and-their-rule-over-british-society/

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