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Hammond Ranch Update: Open Letter To Sheriff David Ward & All Sheriffs In The United States

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Sheriff David Ward has deleted his email and refused to take calls from Americans concerned about his unconstitutional stance against the Hammond Family. He has also decided to forward all emails and correspondence from Americans to the FBI. Please do your part as a Constitutional Patriot and send him a copy of his letter via U.S. Mail, fax and email:

Sheriff David M. Ward
485 N. Court Avenue #6
Burns, Oregon 97720
email: dave.ward@co.harney.or.us
Telephone: 541-573-6156
fax: 541-573-61546


Here is a copy of this letter here . You can download it : http://thepetesantillishow.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/AVR095-openlettertosheriffward.pdf

Here is a research link in who Judge Anna Maria Riezinger is .


I have been telling people for years that America is a British colony . Remember my posts about flags ?  The Military US flag with the gold banner ?

I take a interest in this being that I have a background in Maritime and Admiralty Law with a nice twist of the Uniformed Commercial Codes . And I know and understand the corruption of it .

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