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When Resistance Becomes Duty

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Why do people have to resist the government when they are the government?

Taxpayers pay all the bills, therefore they are the employers and the people who get paid from taxes are the employees of the taxpayers who already own everything in the nation. Most nations tell their taxpayers they are the government, but yet the taxpayers don't get to set the rules. Does that make sense to anyone?

You pay the bills and yet you don't get to set the rules, standards and direction of the nation. What brilliant con artists set that one up?


The simple truth is no-one actually has to resist their government to bring them to their knees. Most nations are locked into debt repayment plans which have to be serviced or those they owe money to tell them they are fired. It is the secret of every successful protest movement. By protesting people are not earning income nor generating income for their employers who are paying taxes. You don't have to protest to achieve this, simply refusing to work on mass will achieve the same effect.

The rest is simply saying to those the government owes money to they won't get a cent unless they allow full reformation of the current system. If they don't support that they will never see another cent, and if they do support reform they will continue to receive their payments. Those people who governments owe money are the real players and big bullies, they will be happy to fire incumbent governments and allow reforms to take place as long as they get their money which is all they really care about in the long run.


It is the reason why nations are divided from within. The governments know they only have the most tenuous hold on societies and it could end in under 48 hours if the public mobilized, or 2 weeks if even just 40% of the population refused to work. To keep this from happening Western governments fractured their own populations into competing groups. The USA is the best example of this application, blacks verses whites, republicans verses democrats, Dallas cowboys verses Pittsburgh Steelers the whole shebang is all set up to divide people rather than unite them. The only time they want the population united is when they back the Government's opinion.


There is so few people maintaining control over so many and they can't do so by force, they don't have enough people, so they do it by stealth and division. As long as they keep the bread and circuses rolling people won't resist or even think to resist. The Psychological angle they play is that of MindWar. They say things like it is impossible to defeat the US government and if you believe that you will never try, when it is so simple by denial of funds which they need to stay afloat.


Combine this with the knowledge of how to create money using a debt transfer instrument ( the same as how the banks create money out of thin air, yes you have the right to do that do) and how the System of Commercial Law is not applicable except by consent to people and you can end every totalitarian government in the western world.

What happens when people decide they will not be subject to commercial law and the only laws governments write are commercial laws?

What happens when people find out they can make money of of thin air just like banks do and they don't have to work?

Every single one of us has the ability to pay off all the debt in the entire world with nothing more than our signature. These are the real secrets of CT. The things they never want you to know because it attacks all their power. We have the ability to bring our governments to heel and end the tyranny of the Banking Cartels using their own rules.

Can you feel their fear?

Feel their trembling at the very suggestion that we take away their toys and use them for ourselves for good instead of greed?

They need us to do what they cannot. Ever seen a banker milk a cow or bake bread or fix a vehicle? No they are bloody useless as functional people, they can't even cook a decent meal let alone build bridges, drill for Oil and make ships. They need us for more than we need them. They can't live without us, but we can live without them. That puts us in the #1 spot ahead of all their money which is useless without us.

That is the truths they hope we never understand or discover for ourselves. They have sought to make us reliant on their system to survive in order to control us, but it is us doing all the work not them, they are the useless and unnecessary part of the system where we are vital. If they were open and honest about it they wouldn't have any assistance, so they use deception as all weak parties do when they cannot dominate by force or strength. They hide what they do, they don't ride around boasting about what they do because they are the weak and we are the stronger force.

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