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Thinking Long Thoughts: Crucial to Finding Our Answers

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Article I read years ago and it stuck with me. Thought I'd share it here.



Have you ever wondered why some people are brilliant, capable of making new connections in thought that are regarded as genius by others? And why most people are followers, in awe of brilliance, but not original thinkers themselves? Is it really that some are gifted with that much extra intelligence, or is it a difference in the way we use our intelligence?

Creative thinkers, leaders in the realm of ideas, are those who know how to think long thoughts, to sustain a mental question long enough to reach the end of the answer. Few people do this. We’ve been trained since birth to accept what others tell us as reality without looking deeper. Children are rewarded for getting “the right answers” on test rather than for growing original answers or questioning the pat answers they’ve been given. Curious kids are told “curiosity killed the cat” or “you ask too many questions.”

The system is set up to discourage long thoughts because people who think are a danger to the system. Thinking deeply enough allows you to connect isolated pieces of information

more https://brontebaxter.wordpress.com/2009/04/05/thinking-long-thoughts-crucial-to-finding-our-answers/


eta No I don't view myself as one, just sharing an article I return to.

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Thank you Brio,
I enjoyed reading that.
It's good to be reminded every now and then.

Anyone can teach themselves to think profoundly, to discover new and deeper connections. You simply have to ask “why” and “how” and “what evidence supports this.” You have to refuse to accept other people’s viewpoints as fact, even the unique and brilliant ones, even your own unique and brilliant ones. You must look at the uncomfortable places where your beliefs are in self-contradiction, or where they don’t fully explain your experience. These chaotic spots are not something to shy away from, but keys to deeper answers. They are disguised doors that, when engaged, lead outside the holodeck.

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Yeah I get it.


As a child of six months of age I was exposed to pharmaceuticals which effectively left me tripping for the first 15 years of life life. Not full on tripping, just tripping. I see the world differently to others, not because I am a genius or brilliant, just because I have more mental perspectives available. To my mind it seems most people's education/indoctrination left them one dimensionally minded where my life was so bizarre is took a lot of thinking to put all the pieces together just to get by.


You can see from my posts on CT sites I have long thoughts. Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to be so simple. Like Kurt Cobain said "I wish I was stupid so I could be happy and ignorant just like you" but that is denied to me in this life. I can't even raise you up like I desire nor even tell you how I see you because you would be so greatly offended. I try so hard but still you remain down on the earth while I float in the clouds happy and free.


There is nothing I can say to make you smarter, I have tried so many times. Sometimes I wish I was a genuine ******* so I could give up on you all, but I owe you for what I did when I was just like you.

All I do is hope that I can inspire to you be all that you can be.....but you can't see me nor understand what I am trying to tell you. I shout it out into the darkness, but no-one hears.


Do you know what it is really like to be alone in a room full of many?

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