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Experiencing True Freedom

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 RabidWolf    940

This is just a rambling thread from a thought I had earlier today.

What would it be like to have true liberty and freedom? Some might call it anarchy, and I am fine with that term.

We live in a fantasy society that is heavily regulated to the point of nearly complete oppression. The sanctioned choices granted to us be the powers that be are but a fraction of reality that can exist. I am tired of being the tiniest cog I can be in the giant system's machinery. 

I don't follow all the rules and I try to live as freely as possible in this messed up world, but all the time I can see the limits of the so-called freedom we are allowed, like the fence of a prison yard penning us in. The fence gets smaller every day.

There have been many times that I wished I was ignorant of the reality of how things actually are in this world. The bliss that the sheeple seem so content in even though they are really worker-drone slaves of the corrupt system.

I suppose one could say that most of us here are stuck between worlds. We aren't able to mindlessly go about our daily routine blissfully ignorant, but we also can't experience true liberty and freedom. 


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