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Anyone going to show up on January 2nd?  It sounds like a fun party.

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There's a thread here about the Hammonds. Oregon is a split state. The populated cities up north are liberal while southern rural Oregon is conservative. Basically it is the same scenario as Colorado where some very weird "incidents" occur....Columbine, Jon Benet Ramsey, Aurora theatre shooting to name a few.

Split states are subject to more conquer and divide tactics than others since the lines are already drawn and in this case only gain support from the rural south while the cities could care less. How are the Bundys doing today after their standoff with the feds and after importing militia from other conservative states?

It seems like data mining for the feds....who shows up and what states are allies. It's kinda weird to think of states as allies, no? In the great carving, we shall be witnesses.

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