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The H8ful Eight on Acid

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Woohoo folks coming off of a great Christmas break and I thought I would share the highlight of my break...

So...before my break started I had planned to do a generous ammount of al-lad basically a research chem similar to LSD.  On that Monday I realized that "The Hateful Eight" the new  Tarantino movie had been leaked and was available for download.  This made me extatic as I am one huge Tarantino fan.  I made sure to download it and after work on Wednesday met up with my trippin' buddy.....we'll call him my attourney.  as we got the movie set up on the big screen we started our initial drop, 3 hits each (450mics)

This stuff came up fast! within 10 or 15 minutes I was tripping hard!  In the begining of the movie there is a snowy image of Jesus on the cross.  To me all of the snow was swirling and turning into smoke...then the image of Jesus on the cross morphed into a reaper whearing a white cloak on the cross. very crazy.  This movie is so complex with the dialogue that you really need to pay attention to plot points which made tripping and watching very hard...but once you get into the story..there is no turning back. About the time in the movie where everyone is arriving at the bar, my attourney and I redosed another 3 hits of our al-lad.  This set the tone for the whole movie for us.  We felt like we were transported into the movie as one of the patrons of "Minnie's Habadashery" watching this whole story unfold as if we were sitting right there in the bar.

As I really dont want to give any movie spoilers away I will just say that this movie is a total mind f***....and epessialy so when you are fried on 900mics of acid lol.  But I gotta say if anyone has already seen it....Domergue's face was really f***ing with me....everytime they had a close-up shot she looked so evil and John Ruth's beard was swirling like crazy as the walls were all melting around me.  

This was definetly one of the greatest movie experiences I have ever had....After the movie ended we restarted and watched it again to see if we had missed anything wile we were peaking lol. Great movie and I definetly reccomend watching it on a trip!  Taking that much al however kept me up till 8:30am the next morning which is generally pretty normal but well worth it.  

As YOUR attourney I advise you to pick up a copy immediately as well as some mind altering psycadelics, and arm youself to the teeth. This is a very ominous assignment, with overtones of extreme personal danger.  


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