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Ghetto Superstar predictively programming?

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Some intresting verses:

Run away with me, to another place

We can rely on eachother, uh huh

From corner to another, uh huh

(The refugee crisis)

Some got hopes and dreams

(Obama's political theme)

We got ways and means

The supreme dream team always up with the scheme

(ISIS or as it really is, the Intelligence Network that protects us through total observation and their refugee lackies)

A million refugees with unlimited warranties

Black Ceaser, dating top divas

Dipolmatic legalese, no time for a visa

I just begun, shoot them one by one

I got five sides to me, something like a pentagon

Strike with the forces of King Solomon

(MIC using true jews as cannon fodder in their war.)

And that's just the first of three progressions. So, anyways, predictive programming, or reading too much into modern music. You decide, and feel free to comment and/or review the song in full. I think you'll see there's nothing selectively cut about my opening, nor anything subtile about the message this song is sending. God bless ^.^ v


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