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Is this a normal body reaction to not smoking, and eating a healthier diet ?

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I have Asperger Syndrome.

For whatever reason, generally considered by my doctors to be possibly tied to my Neurological disorder, I have far more red blood cells than normal, and larger and more powerful lungs and heart than normal.

This takes in, transports and distributes more oxygen throughout my body, making my muscles large and extremely powerful.

With that said, This is what happened when I stopped smoking, and started to eat a diet of large amounts of leafy, iron rich greens, and salmon steaks, and berries.

I Started to feel what I have come to call "The Tingle" ... this is kind of a syndrome, brought on by not smoking, and it consists of super elevated levels of unpolluted, crisp, clean oxygen reaching my muscles, carried to my muscles by the iron..  and from eating large amounts of protein.

What I experience during "The Tingle"...

I feel a strong "Tingly" sensation all over my body... these "Tingles" are in fact super elevated oxygen levels in my blood reaching my muscles... this makes my muscles really super dense, and solid, and powerful, in fact I gain enough strength to lift the front end of a car, on average...

I experience this as a tightening in my muscles,  so tight, that every joint in my body cracks at the same time, including my back and my jaw (just once)... sending the feeling of a wave of of air shooting through my body.

I also fart non stop, all day, for days...  caused by gasses leaving my body because oxygen has replaced it.


Neurologic shaking around my extremities, from a lack of nicotine, causing cracking in my wrists and ankles and knees.


After that... I experience about 3 days of extreme TMJ pain..


Then I'm just fine...  

But watch out, because I'm a moving human battle tank.


Is that normal, or is this just me ?

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Posted (edited)

Polycythemia (Elevated Red Blood Cell Count). That's why they used to have to bleed people. Everyone used to have it because of smoking and burning soft coal.


Wish they would stop making fun of ancient doctors, doing the best they could to prop up a failing organism

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poor old blood letters

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