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The Prison Industrial Complex in 2018

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The Prison Industrial Complex - 2018

The Prison Industrial Complex hit high gear in the mid-seventies when this scam went from just a vaguely disguised Poor House for the indigent and the poor to a highly sophisticated Industrial Complex that specialized in crushing the poor.

I spent about 7 years as an unpaid adviser to the California Department of Justice, via California and the National District Associations that ended with the 1980 elections for Governor & Attorney General.

During that time the people lost many of the rights they had under Miranda regulations that forced police to advise arrestees of their rights. Cops hated Miranda because it meant that they couldn't bust nearly as many innocent people - And with Miranda gone everything went straight to hell  from there. The keynote project that brought me into this criminal game of ping-pong - that did everything except help the real victims & the prisoner's in the soon to be incorporated prisons  for which there can never be enough cells in USI. That would be the sAme prisons with a permanently guaranteed 96% fill rate.


“The Forgotten Victims of Violent Crime”



By the time I quit, The former AG had become Governor & Reagan was the president – and prisoners had unofficially become prisoners in an unlabeled poor house, where they were frequently held without charge, until they gave up on going to trial and took the bogus “Plea-Deals; that were handed out like poisoned candy...

This whole system needs to be trashed and completely changed, listen to the video below for just some of the suggestions...

War, peace & ending cash bail (E740)


Runs from 16min to 20min in the video

Most people don't think that they'll ever end up in jail, but woe to them-  because this series of crimes will only grow unless it's smashed dead in its tracks...


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