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K-Talk Taboo Conspiracy Thursday - Boston Bombing with Peekay22

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 JibbyJedi    1,160

These 2 parts are taking forever to make, this one not nearly as long as part 2, which will be up in a couple/few days, holiday delays and all.  Great show like all of them have been so far.


Tomorrow's show features Jarrah White of infamous Apollo Moon landing hoax busting, then Crrow777 will be on to discuss the Moon anomalies he's come across in his years of video taping the moon and capturing his famous "Lunar Wave".

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 JibbyJedi    1,160
1 minute ago, Rothbard said:

Thank you for all of the hard work.  Great visuals!

 Hard work that I'm grateful to have the opportunity to do for everyone to see.  This is important stuff to us all.

You don't think the technical difficulties stuff was "too much" maybe? lol   I did what I could to work in visuals for the audio glitches & splice it together so it made some sense.  Wanted to squeeze in as many visuals as I could for the short time he was on.

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