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Former Children of God member details life in the apocalyptic sex cult that lured Hollywood celebs

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Flor Edwards believed she was going to die at age 12.

The now-36-year-old escaped the doomsday cult Children of God, the same group that Hollywood celebrities like Rose McGowan and brothers Joaquin and River Phoenix were raised in. The cult also reportedly lured Fleetwood Mac’s Jeremy Spencer The teacher recently published a memoir about her turbulent childhood titled “Apocalypse Child: A Life in End Times.”

Edwards revealed she has never met McGowan or the Phoenix brothers. River died on Halloween in 1993 at age 23 from a drug overdose.

“I was aware of River Phoenix,” she said. “We were told about him in the cult, as a warning. Like this is what happens when you leave, which is really sad.”

Edwards did run into his father in Costa Rica when she started writing her book.

“I had a student who knew him and I told him about the book I was writing,” explained Edwards. “He said he had tried, and many people have tried, writing their stories, but it’s a very difficult one to tell. He told me a story about how he left a manuscript at a book publisher many, many years ago.

"He then looked at me and said, ‘The book has not yet been written.’ I thought that was a sign to me that I was supposed to write the book.”

Edwards told Fox News that as a child, death was always on her mind.

“The world was going to end,” she explained. “It was just something I knew all my life. I don’t remember hearing about it for the first time. I just always had a date on my mind, 1993. That was the year we were going to die and the rapture was going to come. The world was going to end and for me, that meant I was only going to live until 12. So that’s what we were looking forward to.

“We were going to attempt to save the world and everyone… I didn’t know how many people inhabited the world. But once it was time for the world to end, we were going to be martyrs for God. I would lay in bed at night thinking about this moment of when I was going to die at 12.”

The Children of God started in 1968 by a small group of runaway teens and hippies who, under the orders of self-described prophet David Berg, dedicated their lives to worshipping Jesus Christ and engaging in promiscuous sex.

The New York attorney general’s office revealed at the time child rape was used as an excuse to “increase the tribe,” resulting in many pregnancies in various communes.

River Phoenix told Details Magazine in 1991 that he was 4 years old when he first had sex while in the group.

Edwards, whose parents joined the group before she was born, said The Children of God easily lured followers with its message of peace and love.

“It was basically an offspring of the hippie movie,” she explained. “It just started to grow and [Berg] needed to control this movement that was no longer hippies on the road, living out of caravans. They started to live in communes.

“But what really changed was when children came around because the adults were there on their own free will, but us children weren’t. So when the group started to multiply… that’s when they started controlling us. And they had to come up with different ways to discipline us.”

Members were required to give up their earthly possessions and surrender themselves to God. Former members claimed they were discouraged from working and sending their children to school and instead, lived with up to five families under one roof and waited for the apocalypse.

Link: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/06/13/former-children-god-member-details-life-in-apocalyptic-sex-cult-that-lured-hollywood-celebs.html

Evil being done in the name of God.  Disgusting.

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I knew River Phoenix was raised by hippy parents but I had know idea they belonged to a hippy cult. That would explain Phoenix boys mental health issues. 

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The cult group also was worshiping the "father of lies" as they believed they were worshiping "Jesus Christ" but the were worshiping a satanic entity that was named "jesus christ" but that is only to create deception later at making it appear that true Christians and cults are one and the same as they worship the same person, this is a lie from the pit.  Satan was their god in this sexual deviant cult.  

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I watched a show on this cult last night .Former members were saying suicide was through the roof among former members 

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