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Johnny Appleseed

High Tech, Open Source Gardening without ‘BigAgro’

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The Farmbot is an automated robotic machine that tends to all the basic functions of growing stuff: ie soil analysis, planting layout, sowing seeds, watering, weeding and feeding.   ...robotic technology that takes the daily maintenance work out of tending a garden.

Review continues with a video here:

https://saker.community/2018/05/21/high-tech-open-source-and-now-everyone-can-garden-without-bigagro/view continues here with a video.

It's all open source if you want to steal ideas or build your own. No doubt they have a web site somewhere.

Great gift for grandma and grandpa - would blow their minds and be a great centerpiece for family or neighborhood BBQs. :)

(I have no connection at all with this company or its people, I just think it interesting.)


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1 minute ago, Johnny Appleseed said:

Wow, post got its first like before I finished editing my mess! Thanks!

I live in the high desert and am getting overwhelmed trying to figure how to grow stuff. I could use this bot for help.

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$4,000 dollars?  ummm...no thanks.  I made a raised garden bed out of pine wood  8' long x 4' wide 3' high, cost $238.00.  Bought the raised bed garden soil for $7.99 a bag x 12 bags = $96.00.  6 tomato plants $3.48 each, 6 pepper plants $4.39 each, 4 strawberry plants $2.39 each.  for a grand total of $56.78 dollars.  So my entire garden has cost me: $390.78

So far I have harvested 40lbs of tomatoes, 25lbs of peppers, 2 strawberries.

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ima nasty thingy.

the "grow your own greens" guy on YouTube says getting a dozen or so different kinds of plant soil/ mineralization type foods is a good thing. so basically get 8 to 12 different kinds of those big bags of dirt/ground up rocks.

& im curious to know if the soil booster from youngevity is good/ worth it?

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