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Is This the End of the Line for Bill Clinton?

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Or - “Is this Really the End of the line for Bill Clinton”


E -“THE #METOO TRAIN has rolled over Bill Clinton, crushing him on its tracks. But he’s gotten a pass for so long that he doesn’t get it yet.

Remember when he took the stage at the 2012 Democratic Convention as Barack Obama’s explainer in chief? The crowd roared and swooned as “The Big Dog” out of Arkansas strode to the podium. He bit his lip. He felt our pain. With arched eyebrows and a hoarse whisper, he told us why we needed Obama better than Obama could ever tell us himself. Democrats fell in love again with the bad boy who made them feel so good. Pundits gushed.”


k - I remembered The CIA planes loaded with drugs coming into the Airport in Mena to honor the deals made with “Freedom-Fighters” while Bill & Hillary were still in Arkansas.


E -“So did I, I regret to admit, since I knew all about the women who accused him of sexual misconduct — Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, and Juanita Broaddrick, who’d credibly claimed that Bill Clinton violently raped her....

Read Story 

Bill Clinton provides some #MeToo cover for Trump

If Clinton feels sorry for anyone, it’s for himself.

Read: Bill Clinton’s book tour keeps bringing questions about Lewinsky

Read: Has Bill Clinton outrun the statute of limitations?

They did not matter. And that’s pretty horrible."


k - The people in this 'STORY' tell us a lot about the individuals that so actively have served those in power and their need to ignore virtually everything about all three Clinton's, throughout their entire political life.


E - “Before the #MeToo movement, we routinely dismissed and diminished all sorts of women who made claims against “great men” and not-so-great men. We didn’t believe women and fretted over men’s sullied careers. If such men weren’t violent or retaliatory or nauseating ogres, we made excuses for them, even when we were their victims: Oh, this is just how the working world works. Oh, he’s a not such a bad guy — except when he puts his hand on my thigh, and squeezes. Oh, just humor him. Don’t get him mad, or you won’t get that raise or the nice time off.

Remember when incredulous senators wondered how Anita Hill — who testified against Clarence Thomas during his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court, saying he sexually harassed her — could possibly follow him to a second job, call him on the phone, even give him a ride to the airport?

She did it for the same reason that a lot of us asked for recommendations or career advice from men who harassed us: They were also our mentors. Their power and connections could open up unlimited opportunities. Their animus could shut us down.”

k - For over thirty years the Clinton's ran the supposed political world. They raped Haiti, three times, after Hurricanes, and Bill dethroned Haiti's elected president twice, and had him deported to France, in exile - while the Clinton Foundation stole the donations that came in from the whole world that wanted to see the people of Haiti recover from disaster.

Clinton's Criminality http://www.rense.com/general96/clintoncriminality.htm 


E -“Was it wrong to think like that, or to ask favors from these men? Probably. Not our finest hour. Yet it was practical. Redress was rare. Options were limited. Women were trapped. But no more.”


k - There was also what happened to Rwanda and half its population. There was also what happened to Yugoslavia and the slaughter of five nations, at the filthy hands of the UN, which included child trafficking, the sale of human body parts and child slavery – all while the Clinton's participated and kept the secrets hidden.


E -“Bill Clinton, who’s made no amends for his multiple transgressions, has shown he understands none of this. He still strides to the stage like a great man, floating above the fray, concerned only with great issues, such as war and peace and hunger. On his book tour last week, he seemed insulted to be called to account for something, to him, as inconsequential as what he did to an intern right out of college all those years ago. He could barely manage a self-pitying apology for the long-suffering and maligned Monica Lewinsky.

But Democrats running for office in 2018 can’t be so oblivious. To ask Clinton to campaign with them now means they’re OK with powerful men preying on powerless women.”


k – The realities here are way more than that. The Clinton's were eyeball deep in the sale of 20% of America's uranium, that ended up in Russia, in Uranium One, in tandem with Harry Reid who escaped prosecution along with the Clinton s. Bill's huddle with Loretta Lynch, on the runway for thirty minutes to clear the Clinton's from criminality? These inconsiderate things matter far more than the bulk of this story.


E -“Let me go out on a limb here and predict there will be few, if any, Democrats sending invites to “The Big Dog” this year. At 71, he’s lived a charmed life for decades. But the earth has shifted, and better late than never, Bill Clinton is done.”

Margery Eagan is cohost of WGBH’s “Boston Public Radio.”

And no one must ever forget both Bill & Hillary Clinton's direct ties to the international pedophiles & pedovores - or Bill's trips on the  Epstein Express and Hillary's jaunts to the same sexual entertainments in LA, plus Pizzagate.  Listen to Clinton's Criminality (above) and discover that Bill & Hillary & Chelsea Hubbell, are as guilty as hell, and have been throughout the memories of most Americans. All three of them need to be held in isolation, in separate prison cells until their trial for treason can sentence them all to hang, because “hanging” is the punishment perscribed for TREASON.



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Short answer? No...

He survived more dirt being exposed than all the others combined 

On 6/11/2018 at 10:14 PM, BadBrad said:

Pssst. They don't call him 'Slick' for nothing.


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I would love to see Bill Clinton's face when he discovers that at his death he will be departing his life here in the nude .


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6 hours ago, lostlogin said:

I am still trying to figure out how Carol Burnett is still alive.

11 years younger than Betty White  85 and 96 respectively...:hotandbothered:

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More worried for  Sidney Blumenthal


He is Bill and Hillary's handler. He was the person who advised Hillary to invade Libya to capture 14 tons of Gold. Bill and H are puppets and Sydney works for their puppet master.

Only a small investigation reveals who Sydney gets his instructions from.....how long before the entire CT scene knows?

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9 minutes ago, Full Throttle said:

Hey Doc, lot of good info at that wiki link!!   Too bad most wont take a good hard look at it.  


I came across Sydney as a result of the Hilary Email leaks. Whatever he suggested to Sectary of State Hillary Clinton was done. So he was her Handler and probably Bill's.

You have to buy your way into that circle and Bill and Hillary were alleged to have flown Coke out of Arkansas when Bill was the Governor to pay their way in. Then they want you to do something so socially unacceptable you can't get out, they need that evidence above to so they can trust you. It is the only way Sociopaths will work with each other. They need top know they can destroy the other parties or they will not put any trust into them.


So who is Sydney's handlers?

Well the guy only hangs out with so many people which makes the list of possibles small to start with.

Educational back ground generally shows which group sponsored him or family connections which reveals who his masters are.


Sydney only has a BA, yet tells the US Secretary of Sate what to do and she does it no questions asked. She knows his instructions come from on high. The Clinton Foundation is just another resource for the operators just like the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation. They get told where they have to put that money by their masters.


We see an overall picture by looking at what all these foundations around the world have done...depopulation in Africa and Haiti. Africa is mineral rich so we know Sydney works for the Masters of Gold, The Rothschild’s crime gang AKA the UK Crown Corporation.

The Crown is very revenge obsessed as all Sociopaths and Psychopaths are. They want Iran back under their control or even just Iranian Oil would suit them. Iran must pay for what they did as far as the UK crown Corporation is concerned and they don't care how many decades it takes to get back what they consider to be theirs.

The Crown controls world shipping and is the biggest concentration of Mineral mining organizations on earth.


If I was a US citizen I would be pretty pissed off my nations leaders were being controlled by the UK Crown Corporation rather than the US people. The UK crown might as well be Israel as it was their people who funded the formation of Modern Israel. Now you know why the US gives so much money to Israel each year billions. Because the UK Crown Corporation controls them and makes them do it.

APAC is just another branch of the UK Crown Corporation.

The UK Crown Corp is headed by the Rothschilds. Their family symbol is on the Israeli Flag done in blue rather that red., The national symbol of Israel has always been the burning bush and never the six pointed star.


Don't worry for Bill, worry for the USA who has had it's leaders seduced by power and money and they ultimately serve the interests of other nations and individuals rather than that of the US people.

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