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Remember when you discovered you hated TV?

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When I was six I stole a soft squishy plastic spider. It was the same texture as a modern stress ball and it made my constantly cramping left hand feel so much better. I also stole a jeweled costume jewelry brooch because it looked like pirates booty. In for a penny, in for a pound.My parent's punishment was not to let me watch Dark Shadows and Batman for a week. After that week. I voluntarily quit watching cartoons, too. Did I ever feel better. :cheer:I credit being able to learn to read with stealing that rubber spider, because before I stopped watching TV it was impossible to focus.

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I was fortunate enough to have a father that already understood the corrupting power of TV and he refused to allow a TV into the house til I was 13 yrs old.  One of the best things he ever did for us kids out of many.

In the absence of TV he ensured an endless supply of books on demand and learning to love reading may have done  more than any other single thing for my intellect and education in life.

By the time  I could decide for myself if I wanted a TV or not, I had lived without it long enough to  INSTANTLY see that all my Dad explained was many  times worse and I summarily kicked the boob box out  of my house as well.  Never looked back and no regrets.

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Never cared for TV, we lived on the edge of the forest and I had a 3/4 size double bitted axe gifted to me at an early age. Most of my spare time was spent off in the bush with my dog and my axe. I wish I could go back...  

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