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So, my wife and I watched this flick. We met Tonya at a boxing event where she was a celebrity guest. We hit it off because I boxed at very high amateur level and we knew some of the same people having both been in the pipeline. Of course, my wife thinks she was hitting on me, she wasn't. That said, reading some of the comments about this film, I just want to say, I watched this gal act with real dignity while two guys tried to grope her and called her names because of her sex video. 

When I , and a friend who was with me, a noted regional MMA fighter, she just stepped in and said, "Hey, it's cool. They are drunk. But hey, thanks."  We talked that night, met up the next night at the same fights and had a really long talk about her part in the Fighters with Gary Busey because I had fought the guy the movie was about. I had fought him in a Toughman in 1994. He was a real burn out and meth head. But, Ms. Harding was just proud to have been in the film. In my opinion, the woman's got class. Yeah, she's kind of simple, but you know where you stand with her. 

Just friggin' sad, her net worth is less than my farm truck.

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Seriously, one of my dearest and oldest friends is a former UFC star from the early days and I've just watched fame eat people up. People like my father just use the people to sell tickets. I've seen it my entire life. I have a distant cousin who is a noteworthy actor as well. And he's a damn drunk! 

In the early 90s, he was considered one of the "rising stars". Big parts, magazine covers, did a cult film and its sequel and now does these God awful B flicks that make Bruce Campbell cringe. No disrespect to Marlon Brando of the B flick, of course. 

I never, ever, ever want fame. 

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