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Hackers allegedly open “pathway” to U.S. Power Grid, steal passwords

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Power Grid compromised, attacks on the way!

SAN JOSE, Calif. (INTELLIHUB) — Iranian hackers have purportedly opened a “pathway” into sophisticated electronic systems which control the U.S. power grid and have already “taken passwords,” thus setting the stage for a future, up and coming, terror attack or false flag event which will then likely be used as a means to further lock-down the America.

While reports claim this type activity is nothing new, and has happened on at least twelve documented occasions in the past decade or so, it’s interesting to note how we’ve seen more establishment-controlled media rhetoric of this genre surface in recent days. Which if you think about it is particularly disturbing because it almost appears as if they, the powers-that-be, are setting the grand stage once again as they did just before 9/11.

According to an investigation conducted by the AP the hackers got:

  • User names and passwords that could be used to connect remotely to Calpine’s networks, which were being maintained by a data security company. Even if some of the information was outdated, experts say skilled hackers could have found a way to update the passwords and slip past firewalls to get into the operations network. Eventually, they say, the intruders could shut down generating stations, foul communications networks and possibly cause a blackout near the plants.
  • Detailed engineering drawings of networks and power stations from New York to California — 71 in all — showing the precise location of devices that communicate with gas turbines, boilers and other crucial equipment attackers would need to hack specific plants.
  • Additional diagrams showing how those local plants transmit information back to the company’s virtual cloud, knowledge attackers could use to mask their activity. For example, one map shows how information flows from the Agnews power plant in San Jose, California, near the San Francisco 49ers football stadium, to the company headquarters in Houston.

Source - https://www.intellihub.com/hackers-open-pathway-power-grid/

I guess it was only a matter of time, Ugh..... Now we wait? right?

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Good GRIEF! I always felt like the "smart" metering systems were sketchy, not just because someone Else controls Our comfort, but way too much information about our lives. This is just disturbing, I mean imagine cutting off massive amounts of homes from power in the wintertime, how many aging folk would freeze to death, hunger related health problems, ack. I can;t imaging the chaos in places like the 49ers stadium, the terrorists would have killed many there right off the bat. Then darned easy to take out people that can't see them coming.  :sor:

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