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One Step Away

Hawaii Keeps Shaking -- 5.6 EQ

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30 minutes ago, Jostler said:

looks like a multi-vitamin earthquake pattern :)   about one-a-day lately.

Zerohedge did a spread with some good recent pics and a good video of the crater:

Stunning Hawaii Aerial Footage Shows Mile-Wide Volcanic Front, 230 Ft Lava Geyser

Yeah, pretty much daily now ?  Feeling uneasy about this week ahead. 


Some more stats:

Hilo has had: (M1.5 or greater)

339 earthquakes in the past 24 hours

4,195 earthquakes in the past 7 days

7,737 earthquakes in the past 30 days

10,930 earthquakes in the past 365 days



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I should have been more specific in stating about one 5+ a day.  Obviously total activity  is much greater and I see it as a concern too.  For now vent 8 is the only vent actively ejecting lava and it seems to be fairly "steady" for two weeks now.  USGS says they've been monitoring different vents for pressure increases for two weeks as well and found none, plus they've indicated the rift has not manifested new spreading in that time.

We're in a "lull" where things seem to be holding a steady level but those earthquake  swarms at the summit seem to argue something is still changing at depth.

I found that chopper video of the crater from the 7th pretty stunning.  It was *deep* this time...long ways  down to the blockage.  If further crumbling into the crater fills that void with rock that's going to take a pretty big burst to clear out again.   I hope it stays open but I bet the walls of that open throat are something less than monolithic bedrock.  If it's loosely aggregated discrete blobs I doubt those walls have a lot of structural strength...  I  imagine further  cave-ins are more likely than not.

No clue where it goes from here, but  IMO it'll be a major concern from here on for a good long while.  Even if all the current lava flows stop we'll still have to wonder if pressure is building down below for a good while longer I suspect.

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I am interested to see what the new seismic sensors will show. They just finished installing them, and I have not seen any data yet.

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Posted (edited)
22 minutes ago, One Step Away said:

dang it!  Just ONE more hour and we'd have been able to  see what happened when it struck via the crater live-cam.  Still dark for at least another 15 minutes....but we should begin getting a view of the crater within an hour of the quake.

These things need to quit striking when its dark :)

not sure how  this compares with the  rest of the 5+ quakes this past week or  so, but this one was preceded by a storm of smaller quakes...many in the high 2's.  The map is showing roughly three dozen smaller quakes in the past two hrs with about  half of those in the  past hour.


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The crater live cam shows there has been another collapse of the crater rim.  Two areas I had my eye on (left side of the field of view) are completely gone now and two more appear to be getting ready to let go now.

Not drawing any conclusions  from this...just commenting that it's happened :)

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6 minutes ago, Full Throttle said:

May take several month's to a few years before it all settles down.

in 1955 it did not stop for 88 days

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