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Swedish railway stops Denmark service over refugee ID checks

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STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Sweden's state-owned railway operator SJ said on Monday it would halt its passenger services to and from Denmark because it was unable to carry out the identity checks demanded by the government to stem an influx of refugees.

Sweden has received 150,000 asylum seekers so far this year, mostly from the Middle East, prompting the government to secure an exemption from the European Union's open-border Schengen agreement and pass a law requiring identity checks on all public transport entering the country.


So the refugees are even affecting transportation in Sweden. I'd think Denmark would be the heaviest route traveled for the Swedes who have to commute. Watching Sweden crumble.


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Denmark has made it pretty clear they don't want them.
I've read some places are letting them travel free to avoid conflict.
Maybe this is another way to keep them out of Denmark.

Denmark to slash benefits for asylum seekers in attempt to deter refugees

Denmark’s new rightwing government said on Wednesday it would slash benefits for asylum seekers to bring down the number of refugees coming to the country.

“The effect will hopefully be that fewer asylum seekers come to Denmark,” integration minister Inger Stojberg said at a press conference.

Under the new rules, which will come into effect from September, an asylum seeker without children will receive 5,945 kroner (797 euros, $882) per month in benefits, almost half the 10,849 kroner they receive currently.


And it's working.

Migrants: We Don’t Like Denmark Because ‘Refugee Salaries’ Are Too Low There

Marwen el Mohammed, another asylum seeker in Denmark told the reporter that there were two reasons the men did not want to seek asylum in Denmark, a peaceful country. “The first one: the salary for refugees decreased about 50 per cent from 10,000 kroner to about 5,000,” he said.

The second is that Finland and other neighbouring countries allow the migrants to bring their families to join them within two to three months, whereas Denmark makes them wait for a year and a half before they bring their families over. “This is a long time to have left our family behind,” he said.


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Unbelievable. You mean these "Refugees" won't run that far unless there's Money in it for them? Reeeallly? Utterly hilarious that they have to try to keep them away by not, well, paying them - why not "You aren't US, therefore you have no Right to Enter the country, and you certainly don't deserve money collected from the taxes of our citizens for the needs of their country. Oh, but that would sound "mean spirited", and can't have That, can we. Idiots and wimps. :lulz3: is Wrong with these people?!?

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