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Blacks in Atlanta Vote to Empower Black Criminals: It Will Soon be Illegal to Arrest a Black Person

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 rbear    240

The more our society spirals out of control, with leaders putting the rights of criminals ahead of the law abiding, the more I realize we head inevitably to total collapse.


“So pre-arrest diversion diverts people out of the criminal justice system, not just jail and prison but out of the system as a whole and gets people into life-changing quality services,” Bervera said.

“Many people are arrested that should not be arrested,” Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall said. “They need another type of support and another type of service.”

The suspects would meet with a caseworker and could receive mental health, drug addiction or job placement services.

So you commit a crime in Atlanta, and you get the choice of a mental health evaluation services, drug addiction services, or the right to a quick and speedy job placement program…

We are approaching the day where it will be official state policy not to arrest black people for any crime they commit.

Be it murder, rape, a home invasion, flash mobs of a high-end store, or a nonfatal shooting, BRA is reaching a point where black people who break the law will become a protected class. Punishment must be unusual or it serves no purpose, Heinlein wrote.


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 YourMom2    1,286

There can't be consequences or personal responsibility for one's actions. If you screw up it's because you need to be retrained or because you weren't employed but somehow you had money to buy drugs.

Let's show them how not to be an adult and remain a child under the nanny state.


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 rbear    240
8 hours ago, Thornthwaite said:

The Daily Stormer... Such a reputable source.  :qFbfZwK:

The source is from a news source.   [Crime diversion program approved in Fulton County, WSB-TV Atlanta, 12-18-15]: 

Its on the ds page, if you clicked the page and looked, you would see lots of it are hyperlinks to sources/etc. Also the linked (cont) pg, it has a video straight from the source, that was on tv also.

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