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7 Simple Tips to Clear Out Bad / Negative Energy

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Bad energy can accumulate like dust bunnies in the corners of our homes and offices over time. It’s especially important to clear out the energy after any of the following events:

    >> A major argument
    >> A divorce or breakup
    >> Negative people being in your space
    >> A particularly stressful week or event
    >> Being sick
    >> When moving into a new space that somebody else occupied

These are some of my regular practices for clearing out any stuck, negative, or stagnant energy and bringing in fresh, high-vibrating juju:

1. Burn sage or palo santo: One of the most common and best ways to clear stagnant or negative energy out of any space — whether it be your office, home, car, or even on yourself — is to burn white sage or palo santo wood sticks.

Palo santo, which means “holy wood,” grows on the coasts of South America and has hints of pine, mint, and lemon. This makes it smell much more fragrant than white sage, which has a more pungent, intense scent. It’s been used by shamans and medicine people for centuries for spiritual purifying, energy cleansing, and healing.

If the energy in your space feels negative or stagnant, burn either of these smudging sticks and swirl it counterclockwise in every room or closet. I also burn it on my front porch to clear away energies of people who have come into my home and office to clear out any bad juju. 

When finished, place the stick in a fireproof bowl of metal, glass, or clay. The glow will eventually go out on its own.

2. Open all the doors and windows, and run water from all the faucets. A shaman showed me this trick when he walked into my old house, which — at the time — was filled with a lot of painful, negative memories. Open all of the windows and doors of your home, turn on the faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms, and let the water run for just a few minutes.


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Posted (edited)

Agreed. I got rid of some negitive people in my life and it's made a YUGE difference for me. That and my recent promotion while I'm still not making the money I did 15 years ago I couldn't be happier. 

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