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Putin and the Polarized Future of Society

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There is certainly no situation in living memory that can be compared to the state of geopolitics today. What does this mean for the future?

In order to try to answer this question, we must look at the past and present. Certainly we are living in interesting times to say the least. This article is not so much about Putin and Russia itself, so much as it is what Putin and Russia represents in the western world right now. A great divide is forming, not simply in terms of NATO Vs. Russia and it’s allies, but among the people who support each side.

Traveling around the western world, my experience has shown me that this division between people is very strongly tied to things both social and economic. On one side you have the people who support NATO.  The average supporter of NATO can be easier categorized not in terms of “leftist” or “right wing” but rather by economic class, as both liberals and “conservatives” love to talk about the danger of Putin. Generally these people come from a higher economic class than the Pro-Putin segment of the western world, upper middle class and above. On the other hand, the people who tend to support and respect Putin, tend to come from more working class or lower middle class backgrounds.

The reason for this has a lot to do with the way the lifestyle of these two sides is becoming further and further apart. All across the west, from Los Angeles to Athens I have seen the chasm grow deeper. The upper classes preach multi racialism or “civic-patriotism” more easily, because they can afford to cushion themselves away from the decay of the increasingly dangerous multiracial societies. The old “Left-Right wing” narrative no longer has any meaning. We can see the leftists and conservatives both on the same side. The “Right” wants to continue this project in order to increase the cheap labor pool, and the “Left” wants to continue it for the “Blended Humanity” utopia they supposedly envision. Neither deals with the sting of the problem due to the economic advantages they currently have.

The mask comes off:


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