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Let's Go Gun Crazy - Open Carry Event - The Armed, the Wierd, and the Dildos

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The article goes all over the place, but I suggest you read it anyway.

Let's Go Gun Crazy

UT's campus carry debate explodes



Last Saturday, Dec. 12, Austin was weird – even weirder than usual.

There were real guns – handguns, an MP5, and AK-47 and AR-15 rifles – openly carried down the Drag past the University of Texas' West Campus. One participant, in what was billed as an open carry walk, wore a full Army-looking getup; another wore an InfoWars shirt about the "dangers" of fluoride; a UT alum wore a business suit with his MP5 as an accessory; others wore shirts with slogans like "Proud Member of the Terrorist Watch List." There were American flags as well as signs that read "10 Minutes vs. 10 Seconds" (referring to the alleged police response time in the event of a shooting) and "To Conquer a Nation, First Disarm Its Citizens," that latter quote misattributed to Adolf Hitler. Later in the day there was a mock mass shooting, complete with cardboard guns and ketchup (serving as fake blood). And that was the smaller "Life and Liberty Walk to End Gun Free Zones," in which only about a dozen people participated, organized by Murdoch Pizgatti (an alias; his real name is Zach Horton), head of both DontComply.com and Come and Take It Texas. (Notably, the number of police and media seemed to dwarf the number of protesters by at least four-to-one.)

There was more variation among the hundred or so participants opposing the pro-gun demonstrators, but no less entertainment value. Due to a planned "Mass Fart­ing" protest, there was an onslaught of fake flatulence and penises – fart machines, phone apps that made fart noises, whoopee cushions, a wide variety of dildos, and even a bike with a stereo system that played beats made exclusively from a variety of farting noises. One protester dressed up as Santa; UT student Grace Gilker wore a shirt with the words "You're Embarrassing" written on it; others wore their orange "Gun Free UT" shirts. One of the very first non-media, non-gun-nuts to show up was UT student Karthik Raja, who brought along popcorn to watch the entertainment, explaining, "There are three hours until the basketball game." A separate protest, which received less media attention, took place at the United Methodist Church with Rev. John Elford leading prayer.

The open carry walk went as planned. After doing some interviews with the media, the group went down Guadalupe (where they were first met by protesters) before returning via San Antonio Street. Back at the garage, Pizgatti announced that the group was going to take a lunch break before staging their mock shooting at 2:30pm near the West Mall.

Given that most publicity stunts are aimed at achieving the most publicity possible, almost all of the journalists covering the event – including those for the Chronicle – took the group at its word, and took advantage of the break to find a place to charge our phones, grab lunch, and whatnot.

But that's when things got weird (or, to be more accurate, weirder).


Read the full article in the link at the top.

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Austin is to Texas as Boulder is to Colorado...liberal strongholds among conservatives, by design because of the colleges. I agree that Zach didn't help his cause by staging stupid events and the premature open carry was over the top as well. I get the whole "do not comply" thing but if you're going full rebel, don't go full retard at the same time!

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