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Illegal S.F shooter wants murder charges dismissed!

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Well his defense does! And when the liberals pine over the poor oppressed illegals that just want a better life. And shit like this happens and they turn a blind eye. Because there is no excuse that they could possibly give to cover for this guy! We all know that this is what Trump was talking about. BTW you really have to sell your soul to represent these types of people.


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"He says it's an accident. He said he did not have the gun prior to picking it up wrapped up and he did not know that it was a gun until it fired and he threw it because he didn't want it to keep firing," said San Francisco Public Defender's Office Chief Attorney Matt Gonzalez.

The gun was later found in the San Francisco Bay. Officials say it was stolen from a federal agent's car in San Francisco a few days before the shooting. Prosecutors have never accused the suspect of that theft, but argued that regardless, as a felon, Lopez- Sanchez should not have had a gun in his hand.
Lopez-Sanchez had been deported five times to his native Mexico and has seven prior felony convictions. He was released just this year from both a federal prison and San Francisco's county jail. The shooting has triggered a national debate on sanctuary city policies.


I agree Quick1966.
This is exactly what Trump is talking about and it's extremely common.
The people crossing the boarders are all criminals. Every one of them.
The invaders break our law with the very first step they take on US soil.
They are selfish and dangerous and the American taxpayers cover it all.
A woman lost her life to a convicted, illegal felon but it was an accident.
Yeah right... 


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