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The nature of love.

Let me tell you a story.

God came into being. Pure love. He made souls made of love. Some he made wiser than others. Eventually one of these wise souls noticed something. When a soul was cut off from God's pure love, they acted differently. Less loving. He or she came to the conclusion that love was a drug, that skewed how we thought and acted. He/she questioned the very nature of love for some time and passed on these questions to others.

This soul then began to fall down the vibrations. And became Satan. Love no longer seemed to have the required effect on Satan. The system that God had put in place( or is slave to himself) was sending this soul into a darker place, away from love.

Some of the wise ones saw this and thought God was punishing Satan for simply questioning the nature of love. They followed Satan.

Satan  and his angels came to this world and spread the word. Soon this planet fell and became a prison. A place to quarantine Satan's philosophy.

Satan had died for his beliefs, like Jesus.

This is one version. The other is that we questioned the nature of love and saw it as a means to entrap us and skew our minds towards the light of God. Soon after Satan, or the Demiurge, came into existence. A God who did not love. And was not made from love, but from anger, hate. Envy.

And he made this world. And gave us fake love. The love we feel when we look at a loved one manufactured by a chemical in the brain. Why this God decided to give us any semblance of love I do not know. Maybe he saw that it had uses. It keeps us procreating. Dragging down more and more souls away from the trick of God's pure love. Maybe fake love blinds us to real love. If we can call it real.

Soon this God of fake love decided to make us hate even more. Soon he told his philosophy to men. They became the Illuminati.

You know the rest.

The war we are caught up in is a war of ideas. If we can hope to escape we need to come up with a counter argument to Satan's view that love is a drug designed to hook us like fish and draw us closer to God's way of being. Good luck on that.

We may have to come to the conclusion that Satan is right and God is fundamentally wrong.

If Satan cannot feed on love then it makes sense that he feeds on hate, fear etc. And where would he get this from? Us.

And now it seems God is taking away Satan's supply. And perhaps filling this prison with love to get Satan on the right side. But how can you change a man's mind by forcing him? By drugging him?

Why does God have such a problem fixing this world? Maybe it's because Satan has truth on his side, and God simply has no power over him.

Seems to me there is no way of winning this if God's love IS simply a means of controlling us. If I were Satan I would inform the world of his philosophy (an ironic term Greek fans) and infect the word fully. Some believe the Illuminati wish to come out in the open and share their religion.

Maybe I just started this endeavour.

You may have wondered why intelligent people choose to follow Satanism. Maybe they do so because they learned what I just told you. They learned that Satan's teachings are not just blind hate, but rather a reasonable complaint.

Funny that nobody, Including Icke, mentions or even knows why Satan fell or came into being. Sure we have ideas of this in religion; but they are unconvincing. Maybe God has been lying to us, keeping this item of knowledge from us because...well isn't it obvious.




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