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Communitarianism and Global citizenship for the uninitiated.

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Journey through the basic concepts and the ideology with writers, educators, politicians, activists, newscasters, broadcasters and the people ushering in the New Millennium, from change agents to Mossad gurus and other alarmists pushing for global regulations of human behaviors. Hear too from a few other people who aren't exactly fans of the Communitarians.

Since we published our first position paper in 2002, and we named communitarianism as the synthesis in the Hegelian/Marxist dialectic, thousands of writers and speakers from all backgrounds have adopted our position and state it as a known fact. This is misleading because it it not a known fact, it's still an untested theory.

Remember, Hegel and Marx both assured us the final synthesis in the dialectic would be so perfect it gives rise to no anti thesis. That means whether our ACL thesis holds weight or not, or whether it is debatable or not, doesn't matter. The very fact that our anti thesis exists at all renders their perfect synthesis imperfect. Their own evolutionary rules say we win that round

The next round in the biggest non-debate in the history of Western philosophy is the Communitarian's politicized religion. This video is designed to cover some of the aspects involved in the coming non-debate. It has always been my goal to engage the communitarians using their own rules for responsive communities, so in this video I present several sides to the topic. I won't claim this video is fair or unbiased, but I have given ample time to the evil bad guys.


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