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Hawaii volcano explodes after rocks fall into active crater

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 Cinnamon    14,436


Published time: May 05, 2015 04:49

See video at link:


A powerful explosion in an active Hawaiian lava crater was captured on webcam by the US Geological Survey. The footage shows how a rock fall prompted the lava lake to burst.

The video shows Hawaii’s active Halemaʻumaʻu Crater in the Kilauea Volcano, often view at close range by tourists, as the crater’s rocky wall suddenly collapses into the lava lake, causing an avalanche of dust to form.


The breathtaking imagery shows rocks crashing into the lava followed by a massive red explosion with a wave of fire and plume of smoke roaring into the air. Large spatters of molten lava go flying everywhere.

“Fist-size clasts were deposited around the closed Halemaʻumaʻu visitor overlook,” the USGS’ Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said, commenting on the Sunday explosion.


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and there she blows. Luckily nobody was close to this otherwise it would been a pretty HOT situation. heh


Now to analyze this a bit more...what actually happened here is if I can use the analogy of a boiling pot or a sizzling frying pan and you toss something in and POOF you get that reaction going on...that is basically what happened here. Basically the seering intense temperatures of the lava sitting there in its puddle incinerated the OLD already eroded over  time "normal" earth. Normal lets say TREATED earth as it gone through cooling and what not ends up inside lava and gets incinerated and POOF.


I could also use steel analogy. Its like OLD= steel that's gone through years of use suddenly reintroduced into a factory and melted down again...POOF! 


OK enough. Volcanoes are always intriguing wonders of nature to study. Especially for me since I been through an eruption myself. heheh. 

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