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Coalition Dropping US-Made Cluster Bombs on Yemen

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 Cinnamon    14,456

Here we are in the year 2015 and are still killing, maiming and destroying each other. Isn't that the craziest thing you've ever heard, when you really think about it? Cluster bombs are horrendous weapons. Not that there aren't plenty of other terrible ones. But to drop these on civilian populations is insanity.  I0 soldiers used to be killed vs 1 civilian.  Now it is reversed, it's 10 civilians vs 1 soldier in today's warfare.

May 3, 2015


The Saudi-led bombing campaign against rebels in Yemen is using U.S.-supplied cluster munitions, endangering civilians and violating an international arms treaty, Human Rights Watch warned on Sunday.

According to the group, there is "credible evidence" that cluster bombs have been used in recent weeks as part of coalition airstrikes in Yemen’s northern Saada governorate, a Houthi stronghold that borders Saudi Arabia. Through analysis of satellite imagery, Human Rights Watch charges that the weapons landed on a "cultivated plateau, within 600 meters of several dozen buildings in four to six village clusters."

Cluster bombs, which are composed of hundreds of submunitions, pose a long-term threat to civilians because they are designed to explode after spreading over a wide area. Often, the submunitions do not explode, causing the bombs to become de facto landmines.

Over one hundred countries signed the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions banning their use. However, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen all abstained from signing on.


Common Dreams


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