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12 minutes ago, Cryptic Mole said:

My genetic biology is my own well kept secret.
Never to be shared ever!

Yeah, But..... Big Brother likes to gather information. The AHCA (a.k.a. ObamaCare) has been a most helpful tool in gathering even more information from your privacy zone. Any trip to a medical pro is recorded and sent off. They just don't want you to object. The reason for this is to share your health records with OTHER HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS if the need arises. 
 I recently did some security work at a large corporation. They drug tested me by having me put a lollipop device in my mouth for 3 minutes. Tests for 17 drugs? Also a DNA test at the same time possibility. After I passed, the container was labeled and put into a big box. Interesting.
Also had to get some kind of eye (area?) scan to get into secured rooms. It required me to look into a device before the door would open. Kind of like the new smart phones. Where does that information go? Especially since I know the corporation was in bed with Uncle Sam contracts. 

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Posted (edited)

I've been watching family members die miserably too long to be paranoid. If they want to frame me for killing Kennedy then more power to them. If they can ever relieve some of the misery on this mudball, that would be better by far.

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do not relive the misery, pleze!

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