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Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton 'killed hundreds of thousands of people with her stupidity'

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 Cinnamon    14,572

Donald Trump claimed Sunday that Hillary Clinton "killed hundreds of thousands of people with her stupidity" with her decisions as secretary of state, seemingly shocking his interviewer.


In a "Fox News Sunday" interview, Trump said Clinton and President Barack Obama's foreign-policy decisions in Africa and the Middle East resulted in the deaths of "hundreds of thousands" of people.

"She is the one that caused all this problem with her stupid policies. You look at what she did with Libya, what she did with Syria. Look at Egypt, what happened with Egypt, a total mess."



He should also look at the trail of dead bodies in America behind Hillary and Bill.

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"The former secretary of state said Trump's proposal "plays right into the hands of terrorists" by alienating Muslims in Western countries and framing terrorism as a clash between Islam and the West."

  1. Well, Obama said "We are not, and never Will be at war with Islam.". They certainly ARE with US! They are at war until the entire earth is subjugated and enslaved, converted, or DEAD. Islam is not simply a religion, it's also a military plan to wage war until they rule over everything, and they are willing to use their children's deaths and there own to get it.

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