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the things you dont wana know about food

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im board lol as always so i wanted to start a thread on food and the things that will make u wish you didnt have to eat it

i know alot about food 18 years of doing it for money and i gota say i hated it but i wana tell u some thing you dont know when you go out to eat or even the store and if you have anything your wondering about ill awnser if i know ... absolutally truthfully also most cooks wont do this lol


so 1 if your not a meat eater dont eat anything fryed ... meat was cooked in that oil i can almost garentee it

chicken ffs do not order chicken almost no one can cook it right ether way over or way under even if it dosent look under it probly is just cooked long enough to change color but in a kitchen it can take over 18 mins to cook a chicken breast on a grill and 25 on a flat top add 5 mins for ur order to be prosessed 5 to start cooking and 5 more to get it to the table yea see the problem you never waited 40 for ur chicken so it probly never hit temp or is precooked

fish i love fish never order it on monday tuesday or wensday anything that didnt sell on the weekend ur eating also talapia is a goldfish its not some healthy fish like they say its a nutritionless goldfish thats feed shrimp poop speaking of shrimp its always overcooked due to most not knowing when shrimp is done it shouldent be rubbery at all and infact can be eaten under cooked

steak ... 1 dont order well done as soon as u do that no one gives a f about ur steak it will be overcooked dry possibly microwaved medium is max or cook it at home no point in payung for that the cut dont nessisarly order the cheapest cut but absolutally avoid the most expensive its the least sold and normaly the closest to going bad ribeye is a safe bet and a good middle at most places .... this dosent apply to steakhouses unless its a poterhouse how offten u think they sell a 75$ steak

unless its a place that serves rice as a norm dont order it its cheap overwatered and has been sitting in a ricecooker for a day

salid if you must dont order anything with spring mix that stuff goes bad fast just how it is so what do resturants to pick out the bad stuff dosent remove the slime tho

fast food ... acctually isent as bad as u think tho everything above still applys there food safty standereds are higher than resturants due to them not employing real cooks they have alot more procedures that are fallowed

ask for plastic ... your silverware is not clean the plates probly arnt ether but meh u gota live with some things


low fat and low calorie items anywhere really mean we added a buntch of fillers how do you make low fat soure cream ... u cant use cream its mostly fat cottage cheese also less fat more fillers

condaments ask if its house made its normaly not but some places really are chillies has a ligit real ranch recpie for example aplebees not so much

if your not at a pizza kitchen skip the pizza ... pizza recpie everywhere else is doe normaly pre made frozen or pre made pre cooked like the stuff u buy everywhere than tomato sauce uncooked hunts type sauce nothing added motz and pepperonie its gross passes for ur kids but dont pay 10 bucks for junk

things that happen that you will blame the resturant but shouldent

bugs ... not roaches n maggots but if u find a catapiller in ur salid it came to the food establishment like that they missed it they are sorry but u find a green catapiller in green veggies when there 25 lbs of the stuff per case

ur complex ass order isent right ... with 30 tickets up a custome order is hard to get right save that for  2-4 pm when its slow

your server is not comunicating with the cooks so when u want a off menu item ... they will make anything you want ask to give the order to the cook when its slow you will be absolutaly f**king amazed the pride a cook will take in your food if u do this

if your at a drivetrew and u gota order more than 20 bucks go inside they will make your food alot better without the ticker drivetrew has a timmer food over 3 mins is late so they will cut corners to make it happen soggy frys undercooked food old crap less cheese whatever it takes at the end of the day 10 complants arnt as bad as bad time one will get u fired the other will not

other tips

check the bathroom if its dirty dont eat

ask who cleans the bathroom if the awnser isent the dishwasher host manager dont eat

check the rateing if it applys where ur at when a place gets a b c or d they will move there cert to a less visable place when its a A ull see it when u walk in also a B dosent mean anything watch for c and below

this should really be oveouse but be nice to your server no matter what best example and this will make some cringe back when i was 18 working on las vegas blv at a high end resturant a woman was snapping her fingers at my fellow busser and calling him boy well when the runner put the food on the table he knocked her for off than the busser gave her a new one that he used on his genitals thats not a bs storie 100 percent true managment looked the other way we all did and the fork ... that costed 1 free ill be your id for a good night from cooker to manager all have eatchothers back be nice you will get alot your food is wrong be absolutally as nice as possible about it your server is rude just dont tip her even ask for a new one if its bad but dont be a ass about it


lastly tips dont go to cooks if your food sucks its not the servers fault well unless its wrong than it pronly is i tip acording to drink fill if my cup is empty n im coking on my food no tip i cant get it myself if a server is swamped ill let it slide a little but i know what it looks like when there understaffed they expect smaller tips when overworked because of this every server knows empty glasses means empty pockets so its a good gauge on if there doing there job


ok anything yall wana know about food expeshaly resturants even how things are made like how on earth do the make shrimp tempura flat 3 counter cuts really shalow than crush it how are your frys so cryspy there pre boiled than soaked in shugar water than fryed why dose your butter pop n splash n burn you need to clarify it first do you need to soak dry beans ... no thats a "white people thing" lol not my words  anything resrurants do better than you can at home ask i might know exactly why its not the same

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microwaved food......the horror, the horror.....

I've heard either not to heat so much the food when cooking, not above 85° C/ 185 °F.


"check the bathroom if its dirty dont eat"  :gsbrnint:

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