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Doctor rediscovers vitamin C as a treatment for sepsis - Now he's trying to get the ICU world to listen

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The patient was dying. 

Valerie Hobbs, 53, was in the throes of sepsis - an infection coursing through her veins that was causing her blood pressure to tank, her organs to fail and her breathing to flag. 

"When you have a person that young who's going to die, you start thinking, 'What else can we pull out of the bag?' " said Dr. Paul Marik, who was on duty that day in the intensive care unit of Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. 

In this case, he reached for Vitamin C. 

Marik, chief of pulmonary and critical care at Eastern Virginia Medical School, had recently read medical journal articles involving the vitamin, and decided to order IV infusions of it, along with hydrocortisone, a steroid, to reduce inflammation. 

Then, he went home. 

The next morning, Hobbs had improved so much she was removed from four different medications used to boost her blood pressure. Her kidney function was better. Her breathing eased. 

Three days later, she left the ICU. 

That was in January 2016. Today, Hobbs is back at her home in Norfolk. 

"At first we thought it was a coincidence, that maybe the stars aligned just right and she got lucky," Marik said. 

Ten days later, another patient, a paraplegic, arrived in the ICU with sepsis, and Marik prescribed the same thing. That patient improved as well. 

A third patient, a man so sick with pneumonia he was on a ventilator, also received the treatment. The results were the same. 

Marik's response: "What just happened?" 

He suggested changing the protocol for patients who arrived with sepsis. He also added another ingredient to the concoction: thiamine, which is Vitamin B. 


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I preach vitamin C to everyone. Even recently I had a long time customer who has come down with some type of cancer and of cours I advised him to start taking C and talk to his doc about every single treatment both the standard chemo crap and other alternatives. His doc even recommended c but then tried to sell him some over priced crap, he quickly changed docs after that and found one that gave him a lot of options. 3 months later he is doing much better but I honestly don't remember what type of cancer it was he said he had but between C and what ever other treatments he's doing he looks a hell of a lot better than he did after a few rounds of chemo. 

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