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Six Laws of Survival in SHTF

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Our underlying goal in a SHTF scenario is ultimately to stay alive and live without exposure to risks.  As much preparation as many of us have made, in the altered world of a SHTF crisis, there will be many dangers that lurk; and some of them will be inadvertently from our own doing.

The six laws of survival. Read this. Memorize this. Apply this. One day, you will need it.

The Six Laws of Survival

In a survival scenario all bets are off and the following laws will keep you alive. These laws are rigid, but necessary. Harsh, but true. Keep your cards close and always have a plan.

I try to always have a plan no matter what the situation is so thought this might be helpful.


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This is actually my #1 Right Here.


Law 6:  Do not tip your hand or reveal your plans to anyone.

Next installment we will talk about life under occupation, be that by foreign invaders or by totalitarian state that has morphed out of a democracy.  In the meantime, prepare and plan, and when you are reasonably sure, execute a dry run.  The practice does make perfect and affords you a time and trials to iron out all of the glitches in your operations.  Until next time be good to one another and keep up the fight!


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15 minutes ago, Full Throttle said:

This is actually my #1 Right Here.


Very good! I made the mistake when I was starting out, to talk preps and plans with people but it got people started in the right direction. I have since walked some of it back. I was just giving people idea of what to do. I don’t have what I did when I was talking with people. Used some of it up. My plan is exactly that, my plan. The people that need to know, know what they need to. Most of my family thinks I’m crazy but at times, sees the light. The more they see on TV or whatever, the more they fall back asleep. All that is important at this point is that I have a plan and a plan to a plan and even more plans that will keep my family alive WROL.

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