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Shootings Poll   10 members have voted

  1. 1. Why are we getting so many shooting in the United States?

    • Its the f***ing muslims!
    • Its just because of obama in general!
    • Its because gun control made some changes and left people defenceless!
    • its magic! and we can blame it on the wizards of the world!
    • Its orchestrated by the u.s government so they can push further gun control and disarm the people for whats to come!

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I want to do a poll. To look into the recent shoots and get some feedback.

With so many recent events like San Bernardino / Chatanooga / Paris Attacks / Sandy Hook / Washington Navy Yard / Fort Hood / Isla Vista / Charleston / Roseburg / Colorado Springs - Planned Parenthood / Aurora / Oakland / Seal Beach / Tucson / Manchester, Conn. / Huntsville, Ala. / Binghamton, N.Y.

Shit! now i start listing them i begin to ask myself a question why the f*** has this shit gone on while under obama? i see only 3 reasons. because only 3 reasons exist.

Reason 1: Obama became president! yeh this sounds likely but most likely is connected to reason 2!

Reason 2: The additions of major gun law restraints on citizens of the united states. Im english so im going by the  data i know its been manipulated because what they spout on the news about the uk and crime after taking away guns is bullshit. When guns went. we switched to knives and the criminals still had guns. it made no f***ing difference at all. But yes. this is the only reason that makes sense and goes in hand with the increase in shooting. All these gun free zones. All these restrictions are stopping citizens who give a damn from protecting a nation. Same shit happened in the uk in the Middle Ages. Settlements without soldiers were raided and slaughtered by others because they became defenceless.

Reason 3: Its all the muslims fault! bahahaha no it cant be that because despite what people think. Not all the shooters are muslims.

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I would add that the government orchestrates these events to get us to accept if not love unadulterated totalitarianism, including severe controls like "chipping," FEMA camps, reformation medication, and censorship.

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