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Prelude - The Road Not Taken

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The Prelude to the course of History that we're living in now began with the Fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989. It was at the end of the Ronald Reagan Administration: Succeeded immediately by George H W Bush the War President we called “the Wimp”.

As governor of California Reagan embraced and then mandated “privatization” which he brought with him into the presidency. He also opened the borders to illegality that gave the nation our first 80 million illegals before Bush Jr. stole the office in 2001. Between GWH Bush and Bush Junior, we suffered through 8 years of the Clinton's which finalized the path this nation followed from then until now.

The Road Not Taken; was the road of sanity, progress and growth, not just for America but for the world. Here are some of the options we had when The Wall went down – but which we ignored in the current race to slaughter the life of the entire planet. The choices that the U.S. corporate-government followed had nothing to do with real growth, with prosperity or life—it was only designed to own everything and to slaughter any nation that got in the way of our race to shut down all life on the planet.


“America First R.I.P.” By David Stockman

“When the Cold War officially ended in 1991, Washington could have pivoted back to the pre-1914 status quo ante. That is, to a national security policy of America First because there was literally no significant military threat left on the planet.

The implications of the Red Army's fiscal demise and China's electing the path of export mercantilism and Red Capitalism were profound.

Russia couldn't invade the American homeland in a million years and China chose the route of flooding America with shoes, sheets, shirts, toys and electronics. So doing, it made the rule of the communist elites in Beijing dependent upon keeping the custom of 4,000 Wal-Marts in America, not bombing them out of existence.

In a word, god's original gift to America - the great moats of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans - had again become the essence of its national security.

After 1991, therefore, there was no nation on the planet that had the remotest capability to mount a conventional military assault on the U.S. homeland; or that would not have bankrupted itself attempting to create the requisite air and sea-based power projection capabilities---a resource drain that would be vastly larger than even the $700 billion the US currently spends on its global armada.

Indeed, in the post-cold war world the only thing the US needed was a modest conventional capacity to defend the shorelines and airspace against any possible rogue assault and a reliable nuclear deterrent against any state foolish enough to attempt nuclear blackmail...

...Instead, the Imperial City went in an opposite direction and ended up embracing a de facto policy of Empire First. The latter will cost $700 billion during the current year and is heading for $900 billion annually a few years down the road.

In a word, Empire First easily consumes one-half trillion dollars more in annual budgetary resources than would America First. And that giant barrel of weapons contracts, consulting and support jobs, lobbying booty and Congressional pork explains everything you need to know about why the Swamp is so deep and intractable.

Obviously, it's also why Imperial Washington has appointed itself global policeman. Functioning as the gendarme of the planet is the only possible justification for the extra $500 billion per year cost of Empire First.

For example, why does the US still deploy 90,000 US forces and their dependents in Japan and Okinawa and 30,000 in South Korea?

These two counties have a combined GDP of $7 trillion---or 235X more than North Korea and they are light-years ahead of the latter in technology and military capability. Also, they don't go around the world engaging in regime change, thereby spooking fear on the north side of the DMZ...”

k: the article is long but worth reading, if you want to see what we could have easily done beginning back in 1989...

David Stockman: America First R.I.P.


k - We could have rebuilt the planet with the money we didn't need to spend on weapons over and over again. We could have had pure water, clean food, no chemtrails and none of the other nightmares that have become part of everyday existence for tens of billions of people the world over.

Think of the bridges, the highways and real creations that didn't end up as yet another weapons system? The world that we could've all had a part in rebuilding worldwide – if that is, we hadn't chosen this barbaric path into total corruption and surrender. That might have resulted in a world, not just worth living in, but a place with order, beauty and honor, in short the kind of place with full freedom of speech and all the protections in the initial Constitution. That would have created nations that wanted to succeed in freedoms of their own design, instead of hiding in fear of terror while this open cess-pit continues to deepen while it waits to be destroyed...

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