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Thoughts on Trumps role this election period

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 Oregonian    223

I was thinking about this today and i wanted to throw this out to the community to get feedback on said thoughts.

Trump has been saying ALOT lately that many Americans can associate with. Some hard topics that we have been scratching our heads for years about and seem to be finally addressed and if elected we would be glad to see implemented. 

Securing the border, refusing muslim refugees, gun rights, constitutional rights etc.

Then it hit me,the light bulb went off.

Hes a pawn, an actor. A pawn who will be nominated the republican candidate but will not win. The democrats will win. Its a data collection.

Let me explain

1. with the promise of securing the border he will lose 99.9% of the latin votes.

2. with the no muslim refugees gaining entry he will lose 99.9% of the muslim vote.

3. now add in 100% of those who vote democrat down the line

what are you left with? white, patriotic, constitutionalists 

vote Trump = welcome to the homegrown christian gun toting terror list.

easy data collection as they know who is not willing to accept the forced migrations, the open border policies and basically weve all been considered culturally biased for wanting to keep america....america

just my thoughts

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 rbear    240

Could be but then the rise of national socialism would be delayed, which could(will probably) happen, however ultimately more than likely he will win. Hes just missing the kids around him. I have seen his furer hand just like hitler 2-3 times y-day on cnn americas propaganda network on the adjoining business tele I work at.

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 YourMom2    1,271

It's just a dog and pony show. Trump can't win and you're right......it's data mining. Elections suspended 2016.....welcome to the NWO with King O.

Double down on Christmas, it's the last "normal" one of the century.


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Because our votes haven't counted for at least a generation. At best it's an opinion poll to see if they can still run the "blue vs. red" scam much longer.

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