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Was Jesus Christ a Jew?

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 rbear    240

Tonight we are speaking on a subject which the Church must learn to understand. There are many people who are under a strange delusion, finding themselves serving a fake set of ideas, which are very disturbing to them in the light of what they know and see round about. There are many who have been told that Jesus Christ is a Jew, and therefore The Most High and Saviour of their Christian faith comes out of a race which hates Christianity, does all that it can to destroy it, and is now working insidiously all over the United States to get the Bible and prayer out of our schools, and to take the Name of Jesus Christ out of every phase of our national life.

Now this is hard for some people to understand. They ask, How could Jesus be a Jew, with all Jews fighting everything that relates to Christianity and His Name? Of course the great confusion that exists in the minds of many is in the fact that they have been ill-informed concerning who the house of Israel actually is, and they do not know that there is a vast distinction between the house of Israel (the descendants of Abraham) and the people called Jews today. But we can establish for you clearly apart from these phases of identity that Jesus Christ is not a Jew, or else all the foundations of Christianity have been wasted upon something that is fatuous and that has no foundation whatsoever. We will also establish this very clearly for you on the basis of Christ’s time, as well as facts which are self-evident as key points within the faith of Christianity.

I tell you that I am not following the Jew: I am following the Incarnate Revelation of The Most High. Before you ask me, Is Jesus Christ a Jew? I ask you this question: Is Yahweh a Jew? We have Jesus’ own words in Matt. 23:33 in which He turned and told the Jews that they are serpents and a generation of vipers. He was not talking about the symbol of Lucifer’s kingdom. He said they are Lucifer’s descendants. I want to emphasize the fact that one of the first things that Jesus did in that conversation was to deny any family relationship. (This is also one of the important records of the book of John.) He denied any relationship with them, and in the instance when they were creating great pressures upon Him, Jesus made this statement: “I am of My Father, and you are of your father.” Therefore, I want to point out something that is most significant concerning Christ. First, let us go to Isaiah 7:14, and read what it says about His birth. “Therefore Yahweh Himself the Eternal One shall give you a sign: Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His Name Immanuel” (which is “Yahweh with us “).


Jesus was not a Jew

Something very extraordinary happened just over a century before the birth of Christ. A nation of people who are utterly condemned by all the major prophets, ‘became Jews’. Isaiah makes it clear that God is personally going to personally destroy them (see below).


more Jesus was not a Jew

Judaism's view of Jesus

Judaism generally views Jesus as one of a number of Jewish Messiah claimants who have appeared throughout history.[1] Jesus is viewed as having been the most influential, and consequently the most damaging, of all false messiahs.[2] However, since the mainstream Jewish belief is that the messiah has not yet come and the Messianic Age is not yet present, the total rejection of Jesus as either messiah or deity in Judaism has never been a central issue for Judaism.
Judaism has never accepted any of the claimed fulfillments of prophecy that Christianity attributes to Jesus. Judaism also forbids the worship of a person as a form of idolatry, since the central belief of Judaism is the absolute unity and singularity of God.[3][4] Jewish eschatology holds that the coming of the Messiah will be associated with a specific series of events that have not yet occurred, including the return of Jews to their homeland and the rebuilding of The Temple, a Messianic Age of peace[5] and understanding during which "the knowledge of God" fills the earth,[6] and since Jews believe that none of these events occurred during the lifetime of Jesus (nor have they occurred afterwards), he is not a candidate for messiah. cont

another JESUS WAS NOT A Jew

This should clarify this question, as the above links/etc clarify. What prompted me to re-investigate this? Well a brainwashed person yesterday was shilling for Isreal and the Jews. I tried to educate her on many things to which she was amiss, and she stated (translation as I don't remember exact words) "I shall kick your butt, you are trying to change my mind on the issues and I don't want them to be changed (muh Jesus narritive). I told her I did the research and have lots of knoledge of the events of today and before. I presented the information which I can back up and she didn't want to hear any of it as it might make her question things which she didn't want to do, which was against her current branwashed ideas she had stuck in her. She also was shilling for single moms (now how did that happen again?), saying she is an advocate for single moms empowering themselves and empowering themselves (not needing men?)


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 WhiteHorse    591


Do you know the difference between Judaism and reformed Judaism. Jesus message was for the Jewish first then the Gentile. His message was not to convert Jewish people but for them to come to the saving knowledge of Gods Grace. I have known messianic Jews, they are still Jewish, but accept Christ for who He is, The Savior of the world. Jesus's lineage cannot be dictated by the beliefs of others, He is who he is. The Torah tells us Jesus is Jewish, the Bible tells us Jesus is Jewish, wether or not some Jews accept Him or not. 


There will be a rise in all hate, not just against the Jewish people but all people against each other. Know the real enemy, the one who uses racial hatred as a weapon to divide us all, the one Jesus warned us about, satan.



Mathew 1:1

Genealogy of Jesus

Clearly Jewish

Son of David, Son of Abraham


The name Jesus has clearly Hebrew in origin. It is a transliteration of the Hebrew word Joshua, that is why he's referred as Yeshua, translation, Yahweh is salvation.     


Jesus was born in Bethlehem, The City Of David, a Jewish settlement. 


Jesus earthly parents were from Nazareth, a first century Jewish Town.


Jesus parents returned to their town of ancestry for the census required by law. 


Jesus was taken to a temple as an infant according to the Jewish law of Moses. Luke 2:22


Everything in the Gospels tells us Jesus was a Jewish man. 


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 rbear    240
On 12/7/2015 at 9:54 AM, WhiteHorse said:


There will be a rise in all hate, not just against the Jewish people but all people against each other. Know the real enemy, the one who uses racial hatred as a weapon to divide us all, the one Jesus warned us about, satan.

etc... Can only list facts, weather you see them or not is not up to me, but up to you...

Now lets take another look since none of the info above seemed to be even discussed (all that I listed)

Lets try something else....

Review the info above/or/and this link

The Very First Time The Word Jew
Is Used In The Bible.

 War between Israel and Judah

 The most confusing, most misunderstood word in the bible - Jew.

   Moses discusses several topics in the Book of Deuteronomy that can not be properly understood without a correct and accurate knowledge of several words.

   Far too often these words can not even be discussed without getting mired in the quicksand of misunderstanding, preconceived ideas and name calling.

   These words are "Jew," "Israel," and "Gentile."  Let's begin our study with a little history. History and word definitions are keys to unsealing the Bible.


If you would like to listen to a sermon on this subject click on the image above.

   For a present day example: 

   Sometimes words change over time. Gay used to mean happy now it means homosexual. 

   Spam was a food and now it is computer language for unwanted e-mail.

   And believe it or not, startling as it may seem, before World War Two a swastika was an ancient Jewish religious symbol. 

   This was copied from a pre World War Two Dictionary.→


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 WhiteHorse    591

I answered the question" was Jesus a Jew?" , yes he was! 

And walking around the answer will not change the outcome. 

It was a bait thread anyway, it's a historical fact Jesus was Jewish.  

Anyway, I'm not one to be swayed by a skewd history lesson that starts out with schooling a person on the evolution of common definitions. 

I may tak Ike dis, but I don tink Ike dis. :f7TRnPw:

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