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Jew Terrorist Joshua Goldberg Won’t Go to Trial

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As we predicted, it appears that our friend Michael Slay, also known as Joshua Goldberg the Jewish ISIS terrorist, is going to walk free. Or at least walk freely into a mental health facility, rather than a prison cell.

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The Florida Times-Union:

A prison psychologist in Miami has found an Orange Park man charged with terrorism is not sane enough to go on trial.

U.S. Magistrate Judge James Klindt said Thursday that Joshua Ryne Goldberg, 20, had been examined by Lisa Feldman of the federal detention center in Miami and Feldman found Goldberg to be “suffering from a mental disorder that significantly impairs his ability to understand what is happening.”


I wrote a little about this before, not knowing the background of this totally. I however did reveal that the Jew was trying to take over another site such as they usually do to subvert the opposition. Now he was arrested for it, but as usual, its one law for them, and often, another law for the goyum.

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