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What Every Pro-Lifer Needs to Know About The Girl Scouts’ Link to Planned Parenthood

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 CSB    1,660

What Every Pro-Lifer Needs to Know About The Girl Scouts’ Link to Planned Parenthood

Posted Dec 6 2015

Is there really a connection between the abortion industry and the Girl Scouts? It’s heart-breaking and, for some, despite the mounting evidence, impossible to believe.  After all, who wants to acknowledge that the Girl Scouts, an organization that should stand for all that is good and pure, has succumbed to the infiltration of the abortion rights agenda?  And what a sad testament to the state of our country today, when we can no longer trust the Girl Scouts, an American icon with influence on over 2 million girls in the United States alone.

As a concerned pro-lifer who supported the Girl Scout organization for many years, as a girl member and as a troop leader, it saddens me to share the fall of this once venerable organization that to this day retains the support of so many wonderful women and girls, many of whom are unaware of what they are actually supporting. But families deserve to know the truth.

Read the whole post here : http://www.lifenews.com/2013/12/04/what-every-pro-lifer-needs-to-know-about-the-girl-scouts-link-to-planned-parenthood/#.VmTCXGHJmvM.twitter


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 Redlistvet    494

The girl scouts have become very "anti-penis" as I call it.  They are brainwashing these kids with feminazi teachings.

My wife and I used to run a cub scout and boy scout troop for several years in small town in New Mexico. We had a lot of fun doing it and the local kids loved it.  Being such a small town, less then a thousand total people, we included everyone that we could, younger kids, older kids, even parents.  It was a lot of fun.

We were approached by some parents to see if we could start a girl scout troop so the girls could have there own thing with out the boys being involved. So in all fairness we tried doing it.

Well it didn't go so well.  Right from the start the representative for the girl scouts was very unhappy that I was there and made it know that I could not be a part of it, that was ok with me, had so much going on anyway. She made a huge deal about the background check and that they look into everything, did the same thing with the boy scouts didn't bother me.  

The list of things I couldn't do because I was a male was ridiculous. Couldn't go to the meetings, could go on any outings, on and on and on. Even brothers weren't allowed.  After awhile I got fed up with the crap and we dumped it on someone else.

During the whole process of starting the troop up I kept point out the (what I thought was strange) things that made me wonder the agenda behind it. At first my wife didn't want to see it, but after the stanch refusal to go outside the quide lines, because the girls wanted to do the same things as the boys, she started to wonder.  

 Its really no surprise that the girl scouts have aligned themselves with planned parenthood.  Feminazi's have to fill their ranks somehow and using impressionable little kids is the way to do it.




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 Lucy Barnable    2,659

Sadly, I had to put the Girl Scouts on my boycott list.

Girls Scouts Under Fire for Planned Parenthood Sex Guide

The Girl Scouts reputation took a hit recently when it was revealed that the group hosted a “no adults allowed” meeting at the United Nations (U.N.) where a graphic sex guide was distributed. The guide advocates “different types of sex,” that people with HIV not tell their sexual partners of their condition, and that being drunk or high while having sex “is your choice.” The manual was produced by a partner of the Girl Scouts, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which reportedly receives $300 million a year in aid from various countries.
The sex guide is titled, “Healthy, Happy and Hot – a young person’s guide to their rights, sexuality and living with HIV” (and can be viewed as a PDF download here).
Excerpts from the sex guide (Warning: Graphic materialCOLOR>):



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The problem is that, Planned Parenthood itself had alongside eugenics, abortions, but also the homosexual agenda of 1969.  

It promotes killing off the human race in any way.

The Girl Scouts have just joined the homosexual chorus that Planned Parenthood had already planned for.  

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