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Climate drives 'new era' in Arctic Ocean

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Changes in the Arctic Ocean are so profound that the region is entering what amounts to "a new era", according to Norwegian scientists.

A switch from a permanent cover of thick ice to a new state where thinner ice vanishes in the summer will have far-reaching implications, they say.

The Norwegian Polar Institute has been mounting an expedition to the Arctic Ocean during the year's coldest months.

Scientists have to brave extreme temperatures and total darkness.

Their aim is to gather data on the condition of the ice as it freezes during the polar winter.

A research vessel, the Lance, has been deployed to an area about 500 miles from the North Pole and allowed to drift with the pack-ice.

The director of the institute, Jan-Gunnar Winther, said that measuring what happens in the winter was vital to improving scenarios for future climate change.



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If the climate is changing, it may be because the world is tipping. I know the debunkers say no, that the constellations would be different. Dunno, but here's this:


Epic Global Changes & Axis Shifts

Sun is now rising & setting "NORTH" of the US in June

Documented Axis Shifts (2004, 2006, 2011, 2013)

Axis shifts causing Historic Tsunami's & Quakes

Melting South pole ice alters planetary balance

Rising sea levels, increased humidity

Increased ice evaporation = increased precipitation

Sun is @2000 miles farther north in summer 

Sun is @2000 miles father south in winter 

Hotter summers; Colder winters



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 Lilly    91

Our winters (last two) have been warmer. I wouldn't even class them as winters, saw a light frost twice this year. But wet, so fu**ing wet.

I've seen video of Inuit saying the sun's position has altered but can't say I've noticed anything myself.

With the loss of Albedo the dark water will absorb more heat and on we go for the next round.

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