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The American Left Hates Americans More Than They Hate ISIS

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The American Left Hates Americans More Than They Hate ISIS

There are a number of compelling arguments to continue to allow Syrian refugees into the United States. A number of prominent evangelical leaders are making those arguments. But the American left is not. Though they favor bringing Syrian refugees into the country, they have decided that Americans are just a bunch of racists who cannot bear debate.

The President of the United States has taken the tacit of claiming it is all political. To the left, everything is political so they cannot fathom that some Americans might have looked at the events of Paris and decided we might want to be more cautious. Nope. To the political left, it is polling, politics, and racism.

Read the whole post here : http://www.redstate.com/2015/11/19/the-american-left-hates-americans-more-than-they-hate-isis/


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