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The Real Crisis is Not Moslems Blowing You Up – It’s Nazis Hurting Moslems Feelings

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 rbear    240

In the brave new world of flagrant falsehoods peddled as reality by mass media, the crisis in Europe is not the fact that countries are being invaded and overrun by hordes of aggressive invaders who wish to slaughter us all, but the fact that some people are against this process.

Even as we are getting slaughtered and raped in mass, the Jews are coming out like “oh, but don’t complain about it,....”

“openDemocracy” is a journal funded by these groups:

Today – two days after the San Bernardino terrorist attack which killed 14 and mere weeks after the Paris attacks that kill 129 – openDemocracy has an article explaining that a horrible evil threat is rising: the threat of people not wanting to get slaughtered by Moslems.

They interviewed Tommy Robinson of all people. He’s the former head of the English Defence League, which is about as soft as it gets.

And he’s the new face of horror and neo-Fascism.

Pegida (the German acronym for “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West”) was formed in October 2014 in Dresden and has been actively organising against Muslims and refugees arriving from outside of Europe. The street-movement experienced a brief downturn earlier this year, but has resurged as a result of the refugee crisis since September. Capitalising on people’s fear of the unknown, especially in a climate of austerity, has brought it dividends.

Pegida has always been associated with violence, with some of its activists and supporters involved in attacks on migrants and ethnic-minority communities. A Munich-based journalist told me that they hear of such attacks on migrant shelters every single week. Most people are appalled by such attacks and feel ashamed that Germany could be associated with xenophobia, racial hatred and neo-fascism. People’s opposition to acts of violent racism was one of the reasons why hundreds of Munich residents, including that journalist, went to the railway station in September to greet Syrian refugees. That spirit of welcome persists.


Also see  Obama’s AG Vows to Prosecute Anyone Who Speaks Out Against Islam  conspiracyoutpost.com/topic/5797-obama’s-ag-vows-to-prosecute-anyone-who-speaks-out-against-islam/

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