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A New Visa to Worry About: The K-1 for Intended Spouses

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A New Visa to Worry About: The K-1 for Intended Spouses

By David North, December 3, 2015

I have no idea whether the State Department official who interviewed Tashfeen Malik, the woman with a Pakistani passport who was involved in the shooting in San Bernardino yesterday, could have sensed her future, murderous behavior. I doubt it.

I do know that someone granted her a K-1 visa (the "Fiancé(e) Visa" for the prospective spouse of a citizen), that she came to the United States on this visa, and subsequently joined her citizen husband, Syed Farook, in the mass killing at the social services center.

What may not be known about the K-1 visa is that it is practically never denied.

Read the whole post here : http://www.cis.org/north/new-visa-worry-about-k-1-intended-spouses

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So here it goes. Terrorists can carry more than one passport. A stolen or fake Saudi Arabian passport for example is a prize. Two of the Sept. 11 attackers used stolen Saudi Arabian passports because Saudi Arabia is a friend of the United States and so using their passport makes it easier to get in at the border.

Yet we still allow Saudis (the most notoriously Wahhabist state in the world) an easy entry.

Then there is the problem with fake or re-obtained birth certificates from dead individuals are easily done, then to acquire a passport from these birth certificates is a breeze.

This practice allows terrorists to get legitimate passports, using an alias, which will be basically foolproof at border crossings since such aliases have no database. The birth certificate is such a weak document for certifying identity and if it trumps all the U.S. State Department procedures for verifying birth certificates, since every state is different (the process is not computerized or centralized in any way) how will it be if such birth-certificates are foreign?

Ms. Malik (Farook’s wife) had been traveling with a Pakistani passport which could likely be fraudulent and a K-1 visa, a special visa for fiancés that allows people to come to the country to marry an American citizen (regardless if he is Muslim) gets you a top-notch pretty female Jihadi.

Mr. Farook applied for a permanent resident green card for Ms. Malik on Sept. 30, 2014, within the legal 90-day limit, a federal official said. She was granted a conditional green card in July 2015 and by Christmas season, the Muslim terrorists can ruin the joyful spirit by committing a massacre.

So much for “its the season to be jolly” Allah Allah-la-Hu-Akbar-La.


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GOOD work!!! Yet another huge gaping hole in our security! yeah, and we trust these idiots with vetting all the invaders.. um.. Refugees. Especially that nto many of them are even FROM Syria! Good luck finding them in an database. So utterly doomed:akomjiis:

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