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UCSB’s ‘White Student Union’ releases hilarious ‘list of demands’

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UCSB’s ‘White Student Union’ releases hilarious ‘list of demands’

Posted December 3 2015 Ya yesterday ya want to make some thing of it ? :cheer:

Among the demands? Banning Charlie Sheen- and pirate-themed parties

Whoever is behind these White Student Union Facebook groups, there’s no question they’re enjoying poking fun at the extreme rhetoric and ridiculous demands of the Black Lives Matter student movement.

Read the whole post here : http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/25374/


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 rbear    240

National Socialism is rising (best word for it at this time). You can call it the 4th reik (sp?) or 7th wave, or possibly 8th wave. Supposedly this is our last chance as we might not be "re spawned" again if we don't win. The last say 7 times we were re spawned and the study goes that we will continue to "re spawn" until we finally win. The entire white race has been genocide d supposedly according to research 7 times already. I posted a video about it in past post. 

What we have now is basically "carpet bombing" of foreign invaders trying to slowly (or fastly) exterminate the white race sponsored by Zionist/Jews, same as its always been minus the Zionist. Tis was always been the Jews behind everything one way or another. 

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