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Peter Kling – The Catholic Church Has Lead the Way in Child Trafficking, The Knights of Malta connection w/ The Deep State

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The Kling family has a 500 year history of standing for the truth, starting with the Reformation of the Church. Following in his ancestor’s footsteps, Peter Kling began his education in the Scriptures before the age of five and his education in the sciences by the age of 10. Peter first started “seeing” future events at the age of 9, had Alien contact at the age of 18, has survived attempts on his life 16 times, including an NDE (Near Death Experience), in which he “crossed over” and got sent back.

Peter covered many bases in the conversation from ET’s, to biblical scripture and the science he applies to his beliefs. Mr. Kling states; “We find life everywhere, it would only be logical that life exists across all dimensions in our Multiverse, beyond our physical three dimensions. Indeed we are not alone, but part of a large Cosmic Family and we are facing a paradigm change, which will create the next step in Human Development”.

Things begin with Peter talking about his background, brain waves, and what it means to be the “Einstein”, of Biblical prophecy. Peter sent a copy of his book to the “History Channel”. His publisher returned with good news however Peter, was never used for any of their programming. Peter believes it’s because of what he wrote in his book, “Letters to earth”.

Peter Mentions the Pope and the Knights of Malta affiliation. He further discusses who are connected and why it’s important. Michael asks if Peter believes the Knights of Templar, worshiped the idol Baphomet. Peter mentions “The Deep State”, and it’s plans of control. Peter talks about receiving a death threat for his material. The Catholic Church has paid out 4 billion dollars, as a result of sex abuse scandals. How is that Moral? No one ever goes to jail Michael mentions. This connects to prophecy and Peter explains. Trump is the only president since Reagan, not given the blessing of The Knights of Malta.

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