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UK has no proof of Russia’s role in Skripal poisoning

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 IntCrimes    3
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By now, all of you are supposed to firmly believe that Russia (or maybe even Putin  himself!) is responsible for the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal with a nerve- agent known as novichok on Sunday, the 4th of March. The fact that no evidence exists  to support this belief does not seem to concern the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent,  MSNBC, the New York Times, and others who dutifully repeat the accusation leveled  against Russia by UK Prime Minister Theresa May. This reckless, blind, and uncritical  acceptance of claims by government officials (or unnamed experts and insiders) has  become so normal that many mainstream news-outlets no longer bother with verifiable  sources, leaving the public vulnerable to deceptive narratives. And the case of the  Skripal poisoning is a perfect example…

Theresa May’s claim that Russia was behind the attack is (in her own words) based on  the fact that the nerve-agent used in the attack — novichok — was developed by the  Soviet Union in the ’80s. May’s reasoning is that, since novichok was made by the USSR  and since “the government” assesses that Russia “views some defectors as legitimate  targets,” the act is either a deliberate Russian attack on the UK or an act of  negligence so criminal it might as well be an attack. But so long as May’s government  is unable or unwilling to furnish supporting evidence for its claim to the press or the  public, there is no way for any journalist to verify that May’s accusation has merit.

The prime minister’s argument seems to rest on the fact that the nerve-agent used to  poison the Skripals was developed by the USSR, a country that collapsed 29 years ago in  1989. From this fact alone (assuming it is true), May’s government, the commentariat,  and countless news headlines have concluded — and expect the public to conclude — that  Russia committed a war-crime by using chemical weapons in an attempt to murder the  Skripals on UK soil.

Despite a near-total lack of evidence to support Theresa May’s accusation, news-media  across the UK and the US are now reporting Russian guilt as fact. A recent article  published by the Guardian under the label “UK News” — not “Opinion” — begins with the  words “insiders say all trails lead back to Moscow” but fails to provide any clue about  the identity of these “insiders” or what the “trails” might be. This is typical of much  of the so-called news about the Skripal poisoning. It continues:


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 Phantom    508

Well, the UK govt have cornered themselves on this little fiasco. Accusations and actions were based on hearsay. 

All evidence so far looks like the classic 'inside' job. The cracks are showing in this already. The govt has been very cagey so far. Boris Johnsons interview on 'Deutsche Welle' was a classic! If he tried to sound convincing about this case... He never, he failed miserably. 



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