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A Message From Parkland You Won’t See In The Establishment Media

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Andrew Pollack’s daughter was killed in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Kyle Kashuv is a student there. They both have a message that the media – for some reason – doesn’t seem to want to push.

Pollack and Kashuv joined The Daily Caller to talk about how making schools safe shouldn’t be focused on enacting new gun control laws.




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56 minutes ago, Cinnamon said:

Only one side is being represented in MSM. Cut the cable! Cut it now! 

Should be a hashtag and trending big, but peeps can't do without the blather. ONE-SIDED THO IT MAY BE.

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I will not give up my sidearms due to someone's feelings. I will protect myself against those who wish to do me and my daily harm. These communist punks can say what every they want and lie all day but I know the truth. I know that in 99.999% of these anti gun speeches they lie constantly about the stats or someone from the inner city will say they have lost loved ones due to gun violence but they fail to say it was due to gang violence with a more than likely illegally purchased weapon in which no amount of gun laws would of stopped. So... they can talk and do what ever but I will NOT be disarmed due to someone's twisted "feelings" especially when they won't use real stats. 

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